Visions and Monologues

Stream-of consciousness monologues scripted by Oursler were spoken by different figures appearing and disappearing as video projections on trees and smoke. A chorus of young men chanted from an old hospital overlooking the square; a fist hammered repetitively on the wall of another building. A figure appearing in the smoke was The Medium.  Her monologue made reference to key names from the history of disembodied communication including Etienne Gaspard Robertson, pioneer of phantasmagoria, who founded the first moving image theatre in a Paris crypt in 1763, Samuel Morse, one of the inventors of the electric telegraph in the 1830s,  and John Logie Baird.

Below are monologues for The Medium, Chorus, The Technician and Talking Light


The Medium 

let me introduce you to... "Mr. Blank"... "Mr. Blank"... I'll be who ever you want him to be mutated materialization Farnsworth Baird Robertson all mixed up slicing sucking soak up smoke dissector YOU again SPEAK: all lines converge all space collapses all everything from here to there around and inside the whole thing cuts right through it past your mind past your head a hole a point never can get to it keep walking go on and on off to the horizon day into dark spots in front of your eyes cut to it vanishing point"... Oh boy, the Inventor... lab set up over heated experimental station noise LOOK LOOK lights so hot hot hot hot (cough) burning I smell something (cough) camera eat it up camera eat up heat up camera eat your head up... I'm not a talking head... I'm not even here... there... my lips are moving... my voice... is coming out of the machine... machine? oh no machine time all used up oh lights are so bright you faint you melt you fall you down you go boom lose your mind lose lose lose your body yes good transmitter transmitter transmitter I've got a vibration here and it wants to make a contact? gentlemen he wants to speak he wants to speak to you may I speak to you? Thank you: "this is John Baird over here electric charged when struck by light uppsy I blew a BLOODY fuse all lights are out YOU CAN SEE IN THE DARK use animal eyes victims of vexing vapors charge discharge empty thoughts wash windy flat wandering light sensitivity of the eye, visual purple the eye shadow ha ha ha it's ok now purple come out purple inside inside out visual purple the light receptor of the eye" pop I've got to get some air I'll be back later... YOU CAN SEE telepathically lets see the little boy... oh how cute... their is always a little boy... girl... something like that... mommy mommy I'm here don't leave me... I don't know OH yes here we go "there is an other woman in my life her name is television soft skin a light sensitive surface Spirit telling me drain drain drain off the static" Time... Time give it to me ha ha ha I'm hungry aaahhhh yyyeeesss listen to that NOISE I can't think Hey stop talking through the lady... reception is fuzzy frantic yes... I want to show you something come here a little closer a real picture of how it is RCA BBC its a rip off!!!! (cough) wars fires smoke mirrors get in the way of your pleasure wait I'm getting something Your going to love this hello what I can't here you what your breaking up (cough) "the tube blew out are you frustrated I'm sorry it took so long" transmitter transmitter transmitter Mr. Blank: "the difficult we do at once the impossible takes a little longer" it is not sharp and clear and well defined oh darn it crashed mommy mommy I'm here don't leave Time... Time give it to me ha ha ha I'm hungry aaahhhh yyyeeesss "Farnsworth's lab is on fire" What? "Farnsworth's lab is on fire" What? I can't here you wait I'm no I can't it's not your all distorted the invention is out of control "monstrous? no amazing" Hey I just tell it like I see it this is a beautiful interment Please answer the question: will it work? inventor get back to the drawing board If your so smart where did i come from? the NOISE everywhere Oh no I've got to recover from a nervous break¬down... picture quality gradually improved No! not again! "I'm Mr.Blank I've got a secret TRK-12 you figure it out"... I'm just telling it like it is. I looked, I saw... but I have no memory mommy mommy I'm here don't leave me...

I'm getting something... R R R its not a name that i can say... speak of the devil RRRRRRobertson trying to speak to you... The First moving image theater Paris crypt 1700's P P P Pantasimagoria go in you go in see it moving I'll let him speak "It should not be moving, terror inspired shadow characters occult lost in the immensity of space celestial light go into it the crypt see the light: Sad, severe, comical kind, weird scenes major apparitions"... are you lost in the dark? No, I can't say it... R Robertson? where are you? I'm going to kill you... Ha Ha Ha He wants you to know this... "Alone Together You lose your body Don't think individuals v.s. masses Oh Occult Optical Objects great men were pressing round something small before your eyes eyes eyes effect t us in special ways v.s. feelings we have already experienced Don't think Subjectively difficult to bringing together various opinions facts" R R Robertson wants you to know this... Don't think Watch Don't speak of the devil RRRRRRobertson petitioned the devil Control Past Destroy Future Devil famil¬iarize you objects lost in the dark?

coming through 1920 Scottish invented mechanical TV BB BB BAIRD coming through not connecting clearly... hot, smoking, light burning, actor out, use dummy, off comes the head... away sweet body broadcast dummy jump for joy Life coming through the sky Life coming apart puzzle pieces Nipkow disk dissect the picture pieces by piece pixels puncture space NEAR IS FAR - FAR IS NEAR weather trouble Wow all the parts comes back together again! Oh no something is wrong... that thing's not alive, its all electric... I'm losing reception... Now it comes, person pushes things as far as they can go push push until it falls apart, metal fatigue, organ failure, weak signal, well OK you tried... Lay down and give up the image Oh no very very crude vague pictures A BIG BLACK BOX with everything in it. That machine is made of junk! Noise in Noise Out Where is everybody? You receive the picture You are here I am there you are gone... POOF! My HEAD what happened to my head separated from voice flesh far far far away thoughts... where are my pictures? Close up Long shot Belly talker Body skin Flat send it away boom banished to everywhere... where we all think the same thoughts unified mirror mind magic same time same station Always on Camera close up close down spectrum sucker smoking hot lights don't look at it moving cold glass tube Bad weather... I'm getting a presence sounds like FFFFF PPPPP PHILO T. Fansworth - little boy thinking flat lines fields Idaho go on forever first Electric Television image: luminous line... all you ever see is shadow smoke... make a face for the c-a-m-e-r-aaaatmospheric conditions picture sooooo bad, transmitter bitter receiver burn electron stream TV eye across barren fields.. Fun and Games, Fun and Games thief of time a cold wind will blow across empty space.

Where are you? I am getting a message From a mental institution 1933 Doctor Tusch has something to say about influencing machine: Machine is hopelessly complex mental construct Machine invisible controls remotely makes patient see pictures. Machine is patients body Machine produces and drains off thoughts feelings enemy manipula¬tion of apparatus is obscure. The machine controls your body this is accomplished by suggestion telepathy air-currents, electricity, magnetism, or invisible rays. Limbs, face, facial expression, thoughts and feelings are estranged You can't construct the past you can not destruct the present the machine doesn't work it can't work it looks like it works but it's not the whole thing goes up in smoke you are good look around you are bad oh no you broke the Telepathically Machine you are a stranger to your self does it have a head? oh you don't know do you... Who does the machine look like? you can't say can you... What ever you do to the machine you do to me... Don't remove the genitals body collapses into two dimensions vanishes now the patient claims it was never there

Image: The Medium projected onto a smoke during The Influence Machine in Soho Square, 2000. Photograph: Dennis Cowley



Knock Invisible Knock Invisible Knock: Who's there? i'the name of Belzebub? Knock BANG Apply force to object BOOM violent waves move through matter one medium to another energy dissipates tap tap rap rap spirit sounds sequence cypher into mes¬sage: Visible1848 Hydesville NY Kate Fox age 12 hears a rapping in her bad bed Snap her little fingers "Here, Mr. Split-foot, do as I do!" Knock Knock knock Held
up three little fingers Knock Knock Knock "Look Momma. It can see as well as hear!" Rules of Order when Communicating with the Dead: Question Spirit. Spirit answers two raps signifying Yes one rap signifying No. Three neither Yes nor No, not now, not yet, don't know. Five Alphabet. Continuous error. Knock Sounds have nothing what so ever to do with physical body. KnockSpirit bang spells boom: 

Invisible message Visible
Go thou, when life unto thee has changed.
Friends thou hast loved as thy soul, estranged
When from the idols thy heart hath made,
Thou has seen the colors of glory fade;
Oh! painful then, by the winds low sigh
By the voice of the stream, by the flower-cup's dye, 
By a thousand tokens of sight and sound,
Thou wilt feel thou art treading on hallowed ground.

Knock Dot Knock Dash weak wire wander magnetic codes live like a spider along the line Zap receiving mechanism make a dark mark finger moves fast the frogs leg jurks the little girl makes a knocking sound Listen: _._ .._ ._ _._ . ._. _._ .. ._.. ._.. . ._. "Kuaker" Killer "Kuaker" Killer “Kuaker” Knock Knock who’s there?
Truths revealed by those in the Unseen to those in the Seen static skipping surge currents cables consciousness dizzy open atmosphere little voice wandering lost and alone tap tap rap rap from far away wire wonders: What has God wrought? Dot Knock Bang Dash Boom HELLO? HELLO? is anybody out there? Kate Fox? stop the voice listen lines quickly crossed violent tapping (knock knock) yes (knock) no: Hear... Mr. Split-foot... do as I do (clap clap clap) Mr. Split-foot can you count to ten? How old are you? How many are alive? How many are dead? the dead? the living? how do you separate the two? NOW HERE THIS:
ssssssssssound transmitted so called dead send joyful tidings that all still lived. still loved with human tenderness... electric angel guiding helper looking out... HELLO? HELLO? bang bang Knock knock Kate Fox stop clocks hoax! hoax?
HELLO MR. SPLIT-FOOT... little girl talk dead no wire...

(viewer fragmented the death though dream) MY dreams are your command stop flow images out of me me me look at me oh that feels good I'm negative I'm positive In and out and back to me all the possibilities scene by scene OH NO there goes my body again poof! gone stop start poof! here we go again go fear of death there is no death, body death? I am your perfect match no death, what's the big deal death do it to me death blue blue aye good now the spirit organs do it. swarm of energy feedback system I am what ever you want me to be. I hate to break it to you: It's the same here as it is there it never ends problems solved unsolved immortality the human personality and its survival after body death lets dream it up transition after we die what then? I'm canceled out Electromagnetic Etheric Systems Approach to Communications gone I'm gone far away bring me back to life please, I want to be you you you catch me caught inside, inside you, I can hide, let me hide, inside, I'll be quiet... I'll be watching... you catch me from the light through the lens through the eye through the air POOF! I am no longer there - air flare electromag¬netic radiation shifting higher and higher all the way to the color red dead detached head bled of life, now it comes back, black black black black is the color of my eyes I can't see you, where are you? Signal is weak! where are you? Fading Oh No Snake's alive scanning pixel by pixel, point by point, flash by flash, deeper and deeper into the shadow, snaking sucking it upside down, come out of it dream victims of vexing vapors charge discharge empty thoughts wash windy flat wandering hollow glass light sensitivity of the eye, visual purple machine ha ha ha it's ok now purple broadcaster of the afterlife come out purple inside inside out

This is William alone with a problem trying download "Doctor Nic" surf spectrum clear electric ocean channel U-R-L Doctor Nic open dot closed enter me Question I am here and you are?..

Ok Bill, Doe Nick helper here do you have power I'll give to the message count let me in down 10 987654321: Mary - had a little lamb - fleece was white as snow. Everywhere Everywhere Everywhere that Mary went the lamb would gooo-ooo gooooo-oooo.

Doc Nick? a lurker? (garbled) Everywhere Nowhere... No, I'm the lurker! Doc you have to admit it's scary communicating with the so-called tune the machine dead Problem I am here - you are there - I am here - you are there... hello, hello

Bill don't worry click I'm here and I have to tell you Bill I'm doing better than ever! choose all down drop drag me, Message: there is a time and place for every¬thing. TIME PLACE I want you to remember this Bill. Thank you I'm free visible invisible all of this stuff is cool coming out outer limits depleted state don't break the circuit hurts burns out of me the trick - linger a while in your own atmosphere - we are watching your thoughts, they are many and shadows of anxiety seem to throw gloom over you What did you say? I am always with you.

No where did you go Oh its late over on this side Doctor Nicholas dark night.

William You know better than that. ahh you know I'm no aware of serial time over here.

Yeah I'm just joking ya doc. Seriously one more Question: Is the soul free of the body after death?

"Ta nav, Billy"
what? say that again 
"Ta nav, Villiam"
Everything has a time and place except you Doc
NNNOOOOO! I'm not dead! I have some words and pictures information not buzzers and lamps smoke and mirrors electromagnetic ocean translation of life into 0 1 TV Site Program, show I'm still alive aaaallllllliiiiivvvvvee. Well they say I'm linked to technological developments evoked projection of your unconscious mind Bill what do you think of that?
Sorry hhaa Doctor I'm just joking hhaa hha I don't look at you as a show movie this communication is important to me.

Great, Play that back for me will you.

Image: The Chorus as presented at Tate Modern, London, November 2013. Photograph: Courtesy of Tate


The Technician

"WHO EXACTLY ARE YOU?" 63&$@*^vuo5%90 ARE U THERE?? LETS DO THE COUNTDOWN STABILIZE ITC we r I'm contacting you v v via the drive THeE HARD DRIVE sorry to take up space there on it... ENERGY IS EASILY DIRECTED THERE /.]>.~. mmmm... what a momentous event for both sides... are ypo reading me? ooohh bbbaddd cxevctionn I'm getting some... $%^&#$!@*&^ LOSS OF QUALITY interference WE HAVE BEEN WATCHING YOU ufejhcdh w e we are ALIVE hjeksdjd60@$5%(**$!@%$(^%EDlmomy I'm here don't leave me mommy I'm here don't leave me mommy I'm here don't leave me 13 WHATCH ME NMOTHING MOVES 163$#7411342^#@52U 67 SPiRIT TIMESTREAM ouytfv34687(&64I went missing on MachH 20 nineteen ninty9 weee have formed this team TO CONTINUE THE WORK WE STARTED ON UR SIDE!! !(^%ufjhf35526 TYPE BACK to me the KEYBOARD though the KEY the BOX a MULTI-TUDE of LIGHT

Image: The Technician projected onto a building during The Influence Machine in Soho Square, 2000. Photograph: Dennis Cowley



Noise Noise Noise I am recording contact with 1450-1475 Khz tune ideal position far away from recognizable station relax relax clear your mind take a few deep breaths numbers tumble time slips Timestreams away there is air around you vibrations pass¬ing through ikin bloob bone re-set the recorder to zero mark the point POOF your position in space and time all lines converge, all space collapses, ALL... Everything from here to there around inside the whole thing cuts right through it - past your mind - past your head - Hole POINT... never can get the body to it - keep walking go on and on and off to the horizon - day into darkness... spots in front of your eyes - cut - vanishing point POOF where are you? What's that sound? Hey come back here! You may ask where is here - I am streaming from inside numbers locations ALL once Utopian Dream Wasted Time and Energy All the normal things finished. Keep doing them. Noise Noise Noise Are you there? That's better OK remove the disk touch the key depress Play Nothing wait a minute now don't be surprised your ears have never seen anything pour plastic paranormal spiritside good night everybody ITV EVP

Noise Noise Noise what did you say? Spircom Vidicom out of the light - it's dark in here - come out come out of the dark - you can see me - you can see right through me - I'm not here you are not here giver of light? trick, trick, trick, trick? you are so far away you are so far away going going going gone zero white noise tune it up satellite link lost the connection messed up modem Mush Mouth who picked up the phone? Visible message Who am I Invisible? Universe is teeming with them, there are no dead! Noise Noise Living Noise Dead! Electricity I'm having a little trouble getting a fix Visible speaking air goes in and out the sounds are every¬where up down no in out no up down pitch low noise megacycles My vocal chords are are being taken over by spirit trying to come into my vocal chords you try'n to Black People out? huh? Anomaly... yeah you, that's what they call it... Spirit get out of me aahh colored light coming into the voice changing the colors noise picture noise Light Box oh no low mouth giving - I'm gonna turn her off - I beam it - I mean we ran a lot of static, oh man we let you POP - I go around Anomaly around and around electric earth circles turn it off ok action is being taken vaa vaaa vooom vox voice crack crank cell call click calling noise listen voices whole world will be a great whispering wave... everyone will see and hear everyone else - you thoughts are not your own... those who have been watching the workings of your mind have suggested a sound a pattern of sound full body materialization out of nowhere a black box electronic device a fountain of energy feeding the good the bad the good the bad

Image: The Chorus projected onto a building during The Influence Machine in Soho Square, 2000. Photograph: Dennis Cowley

Talking Light

Telecommunication systems such as Morse code, radio, telephone, film, television, and the internet can be seen as products, or, extentions, of your mind. These systems mimic our perceptions of sight, sound and language! These systems help your mind do what it wants to do! What, does your mind do? What, does it want to do? Change, into something different? Play? Be many places at once? See everything? Communicate, to people, far away?

dark texas

in the silence of my studio,

I observe the birth of dreams,, we are all candles, without wicks to burn, and
our thoughts branched out, like trees modcult, above madison square.
I love you, francis, come to the Gurrsshwin hotel!.
hi ..
it can be important to conciider the fact that you don't know me

word, NYC,
i 'd like to hear you, 
but, i imagine i can not,

i turn around and realized 
[through all this urban chaos]

this is life
and, i am simply in message end.
Telecommunication systems are paradoxical in that they show us signs, pictures, sounds, and language, of the worrld, yet we are, in some way, profoundly, disscon¬nected from that world... Your mind is ingaged, yet, you are eyesolated physically, psychologically... There is a word for this tendancy, Discourporative, the Discourporative Impulse... Yes, the Discourporative Impulse describes what we all seem to be involved in: , shedding the physical body for the ehthereal, uuuutoh¬pean, virtual presence, and the promises of ultimate interconnectivity. What do you think? I like the word Discourporative even though it seems fancy, it is direct and precise, you understand it, OK. You lose your body, your mind, is free.

night follows night follows the dark in the dark in the follows night follows night
night follows night follows night follows night in dark in the dark dark dark dark dark dark dark night

hi. keep faith alive in your heart, and you will walk in the path, of dreams open this spot, and look inside what you see are the centuries. what you see is, dirt

Their acts, are filthy lewd. and fantastical, and you suck the nurishment in it swells, throughout the punches and bleeds on the the rocks, look around you and notice that no one cares

then burn it all down. instead of
harvesting .
be brief
…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. are you having fun?

Telecommunication systems connects us to an endless stream of seductive information known as Media Culture. From the beginning. when Samuel Morse transmitted the first coded message via telagraph, "What has god wrought?" the individual has struggled, to retain identity. Do you feel dislocated?, Alone? Fractured Consciousness?

a round peg, for a square hole
a basic observation is, clear,
can edges be worn by powers of persuasion?
The trickster (one) ace of spades.
buulls eye! queen of hearts
on a parallel plane:
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . behind mirrors, beyond phenomenon

The fantasy me
1 am the sellyuloid princess!
Yes - spliced, diced. and reconfigured
sealed in smooth, cool plastic - guaranteed speed
Was it an illusion? melted water vapor. Sleight of hand? Shape it! push it!

Time cut. Insert face.
The exhaustive workings to make white light.
The chemical make-up is restoored, I remember it now.
It is a seasonal elation, a continual seduction. 
These are the fragments.
They whisper.
………………………………………………………………………………………………When I kiss
my Snnoowman. 
message end.

Media, and it's technology, are popularly assigned the role of, medium, Telecommunication systems, have provoked a connection to, spiritual presences. Here you can see three historic characters evoked in this installation:,…
1) the phantasmagoria, and demonic evocations, of the great pioneer, Gaspar Robertson. (who founded the first moving image theater, in a crypt in Paris, in 1763);...,
2) the adolescent, Kate Fox's telegraphic contact with the spirit world by mysterious, Morse code, knocking, sounds (Hydesville, New York in 31 March 1848),,..
3) John Baird, the British inventor of the mechanical television, who foreshadowed the mind, body separation by using ventriloquist dummies in the 1920s for his first broadcast experiments.

Internet message:\\\\\\\
,why are there so many of us, who struggle living? is it fate? I don't know I do know that one's spirit can grow old just from struggling. no movie, dream or lotto ticket is going to change that reality

there should be a karmic law that states, after one has lived a fruitfull life for x number of years they are required to turn it in, and step into the shoes of the nearest poor soul

now that is real justice.

if you cant controll your own life, how is anyone going to do it for you?

The Performers you see projected here are long time collaborators Constance DeJong and Tracy Leipold as well as Linda Leven, Belinda Wilson, John McCausland, Sidney
Lawrence and Bill Kirkley...

everything is a matter of reciprocity……… what happens, causes something else, to happen and it goes on, and on, spreading out like ripples, on a reflecting pool, so, if I give love, hate,, sympathy,, scorn,,, or piitty,,, to you,,,, you may accept it, reject it, ignore it,,, or give it back to me... But, whatever you do, will be done, with equal measure, to what I have given you….. even if you try not to respond at all, the very effort of denying a responce, will be in fact a responce....

I believe with Schopenhauer that ine if the strongest motives that leads men to art and science is escape from everyday life with its most painful crudity and hopeless dreariness, from teh fetters of one's own ever shifting desires....................... Sometime’s i thinkmyself a genius, but most of the time i'm brain¬ dead………………... your awareness is not larger than mine, and my awareness is not larger than yours………………..where is marriane moscowitz. she once worked at a clothing store, and I met her. She exists, do you know her? you don't!!!!!!!!!!! I wake up every morning, and so does sarpists, priests and starving children......our morals and decisions are a product of our…………..,,,,,,,,, environment if morals are based on a persons environemtn, who is allowed to judge?

you must always act on your true nature. and you can never succumb to meaningless rules,,,,,,,, you must must always question moral rules to see if they have meaning or purpose to you………….. this does not mean that you should disregard moral and natural rules……….must …..consistantly strain important moral rules from accumulated garbage from years. .past…..there is no moral reason why you cannot climb a tree, and if you want to climb a tree, go climb a tre!!!!!cutting through

grass 1acrosse 
algae shit

extinguish cars
beauty stands tall
walk deeply
sunk ground


It sure is dark out here

Television archives store millions of images of the dead, which wait to be broad¬cast……………to the living….at this point, the dead come back to life to have an influence…………on the living...Television is, then, truely the spirit world of our age, it preserves images of the dead whichc then can continue to haunt us…… also gives us the phenomenon of living
ghosts. or stars as we like to call themm
free me I dont know what to say!!!!!!!!!!!
what should i say??????? Can you tell me what to say????????
I cant tell anymore!!!!!!!!!
My brilliance is only superseded by my stupidity
Neogeo be true to yourself always!!!!! she had a mist in her eyes like a fog hovering over the city....she was either trembling with emotion or she was Irish, he couldnt tell which, but he wanted to hold her.
It's not my fault will all these things we do make our dreams come true???
I left Manhatten and now i am happy .spooky shadows dance in this disco of a
city tonight dark treats are our social currency costumes and masques parade down the street who will you meet?????????????? A version of yourself!!!!!

Knowledge is firewood, it is enough……all - consumi ng thought of you

all consuming thoughts of you, creeping up on me at all hours of the night and day, like vines clinging to brink walls, pushing away other thoughts like they were cracked mortar between bricks. I change my position, brush them away in hopes that sleep or new thoughts will replace them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,curling into the blanket at my side like, cats, stubborn, sending out claws if I try to remove them...LITTLE
all consuming thoughts of you
cute little little little bear...I dont know if there is a limit to how long our quote can be, but this is one of my favorites and i think sooo apropos for the denizens of this city to think about:
Our first tast in approaching another person, another culture, another faith, is to take off our shoes, for the place we are approaching is holy; else we find our¬selves treading on another person's dream. More serious still, we may forget that God is there before our survival. Rev. Cannon Max A.C. Warren

Cheers, hello Mark mitton! Suus here! Upsiedowntowm!
there is vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. . . . . . . . . . . . . . qui et. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .listen. . . . . . . . . shhhhh. . . . . . . . . 
quiet .listen
Park, are you well, its hard to tell... .your grass may be green but your heart may be blue are you lonely???? i have a new phone… mee…….the opening was an art students greatest fantasy , thought it has been some years since I have been one Congratulations all around…… rocks .Happy Birthday Greekspice

diesel fuel (Scotland) cigarrette smoke (bars) mud (flea markets)......
fallen leaves (Haloween) subway grease (New York of course)…….. greass (soccer
games). . . . perfume (3rd grade teacher)... laundry detergent (exlover). . . . coffee
(church hall)….marijuana (differnet ex-lover)...night air (now)

I saw your ad in Time Out NY mag, and I am looking forward to seeing the art installation at Madison Square Park.

Can you tell me a little more about what this will be 1ike? 
Thank you

humphrey bogart and baby wanted to eat a rabbit, a big gray furry one, and raw.
what does this mean? gentle frost, sun on crystal……..her hair glances...fragrance above shded woods…...her warm flesh in dark hollows under treefalls, her touch like a spider's clinging, silkin thread……the Moon, a cold dead thing, reflecting another's glory in the distant night……….And your body like a burning torch, inflames my liver to my great delight…...hello, I am very interested in your site, and am looking forward to what this is going to say with my
email .message end.

Margooo, my love for you is eternal………… Margooo, my love for you is eternal… Margooo, my love for you is eternal, Margooo, my love for you is eternal, Margooo, my love for you is eternal………