Nowhere Less Now

Nowhere Less Now is part of The Artangel Collection. Since its initial installation in London in 2012, a new version was presented at the Hayward Gallery, London in 2014.

  • Title: Nowhere Less Now
  • Artist: Lindsay Seers
  • Date: 2012
  • Medium: Two-channel video with sound, wooden sculptural structure.
  • Dimensions: Overall display dimensions variable
  • Duration: 15 minutes 13 seconds


Re-merging from the chapel, I realise that Seers has dramatised her multi-layered journey to haunt her audience like a macabre, unforgettable dream. — Richard Cork, The Financial Times, 21 October 2012

Lindsay Seers' ambititious installation Nowhere Less Now weaves together personal and fictional narratives to consider how history is created and truth perceived. Drawing connections between the 19th century Tin Tabernable chapel in Kilburn, the birth of her great great uncle, George Edwards, the birth of Mina Bergson, artist and sister of French philosopher Henri Bergson, and her own birth exactly 100 years later to the day, Seers explores image-making mediums, sea-faring and migration. One event leads to another in a world where coincidence takes on the character of necessity. The discovery by Seers of a family photograph of great great uncle Edwards, taken whilst serving with the British navy in Zanzibar, took her in his wake to the islands off Africa’s east coast. Many things came to the surface in this archipelago, considered to be the seat of witchcraft in East Africa; from an Arab princess and a young English sailor drifting in the currents of Empire, to an inscription on a centuries old Baobab tree. Combining photography, performance, video and animation, Nowhere Less Now is symptomatic of Seers’ relentless search for truths that remain elusive as they slip through the lens.

Image: Installation view of Lindsay Seers, Nowhere Less Now in the 'Mirrorcity' exhibition at Hayward Gallery, London, 2014. Photograph: Courtesy Hayward Gallery.


at Hayward Gallery

London, 14 October - 4 January 2015

Lindsay Seer's 'Nowhere Less Now' is a video that blends her seafaring heritage with the narrative of a fictional seaman. Screened inside the hull of an enormous upturned replica ship, it sets the tone for an experiential, sometimes disorientating journey through a land of make-believe. — Friere Barnes, Time Out, 28 October 2014

Nowhere Less Now was substanitally reconfigured and included in the Hayward Gallery's group exhibition 'Mirrorcity'. The exhibition drew togther recent work and new commissions by key emerging and established artists working in London, whose work addresses the challenges, conditions and consequences of living in a time where digital and physical spaces fold into each other.

Image: Installation view of Lindsay Seers, Nowhere Less Now, 2012 in the 'Mirrorcity' exhibition at Hayward Gallery, London, 2014. Photograph: Courtesy Hayward Gallery.

Previous Presentations

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