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Images taken from the accompanying book Witness by Susan Hiller



Zimbabwe [woman]

Cynthia Hind reporting. In November 1996 I went to Bindura, some 90 km from Harare, to interview a 17-year-old named Lloyd Karambakuwa, a student at the Hermann Gemeiner Secondary School, studying for his 0 levels. This is what he told me.

At between 1.00 and 1.30 on March 6, 1996 he woke up and because he knew it would be quiet at that hour, he decided to do some studying for his exams. Whilst thus engaged, he heard a clicking sound, not unlike a telephone dialling except there are no telephones in this area. It continued for some minutes, so Lloyd decided to check what it could be. He opened the front door and looked outside. He could hear the sound coming from up the road and when he glanced in that direction, he witnessed something very strange. He quickly went outside and hid behind a hedge to get a better view. He was able to observe a small figure, about 1 metre high, with a head like a rugby-ball, dressed all in white overalls. On its back the creature had a small satchel, attached to which was an aerial with a flashing red light. Lloyd was terrified. He told me he was "asphyxiated with fear", and ran back into the house, jumped into bed and covered himself with his blankets. He slept fitfully for the rest of the night.

At 6.00 the next morning he went to look where the creature had walked and found several footprints which he could not identify and which he attributed to the creature. When he arrived at school he told his friends about seeing a ghost in the night, but one of his friends suggested that it was a UFO. Lloyd is now under the impression that the creature is called a UFO.

Opposite Lloyd's house is a teaching centre guarded at night by a security firm. My enquiries led me to one of their guards, a woman named Kumbadzai, who had been on duty at the centre when she saw what she called a ghost. She was so disturbed by this event that she had found herself another job elsewhere. Kumbadzai told me that she had heard clicking sounds and been frightened, had hidden behind a wall and seen a figure in white. It passed her twice, and the second time the figure had been covered in "rainbow colours".


Zimbabwe [man]

My name is Johan Reitman and I farm near Feathersdorp, 150 km from Harare. I am 31 years old. On 5th February 1996 I woke up from a bad dream just after midnight, when I heard a car go past. I got up and looked out of the bedroom window, which faces the front of the farm. I watched as two cars passed each other, a strange sight, as there are usually few vehicles to be seen, and none at night. One car pulled into my gate and I thought immediately, "Oh no. those guys are coming to pinch my new engine on the borehole".

I rubbed my eyes and face to make sure I wasn't still asleep, and I looked at the car again. It was long and wide and made a low humming sound. I could see lights at the back, a row of red lights, and a front light which shone high enough to illuminate the tree tops. This car, or object, stopped at my gate for a good 30 seconds and then drove on, as if the gate had been opened. And that was it: it was gone!

I took my torch, my rifle, four farm workers and my dogs, and we went out to the gate. Despite the fact it had just rained, there were no tyre tracks or human tracks on the road. As we approached the gate, I could feel heat coming up from the surface of the road, a really oppressive heat radiating from the ground. Even my ears felt flushed with the heat and my workers and I were soaked with perspiration. It was about 12.30 hours by now, so when we found nothing further we all went back home.

It was only the following morning that it occurred to me that when we reached the gate, it was closed. This meant the car had disappeared through a closed gate, because I had been watching it when it disappeared and the gate hadn't moved.

The next day I sent one of the farm workers to fetch some sheep who were lost in the bush, and on his way back he said he saw an object straddling the road. By the time he reached the spot, it was gone, but strangely enough, the sheep would not walk over the area where the object had been. Instead, they divided around it.

My workers were convinced this was a ghost, and because I am a Christian myself, I believe it was a phantom or spiritual phenomenon of some sort. I don't believe in UFOs.


South Africa [man]

My name is Credo Mutwa. There are things that fly through the night that you call UFOs, which we in Africa call Abahambi Abavutayo, "the fiery visitors". Long before they were heard of in other parts of the world we, the people of Africa, had contact with these things and the creatures inside them. I can only speak with certain constraints because we are not allowed to talk in detail about these sacred things, or else the star ships will stop visiting us. There is a creature called the Mutende-ya-ngenge, the grey or white creature with a large head, whose face is chalk-white with large green eyes that go around the creature's head, so it can look at you over its shoulder. The Mutende sometimes captures human beings, cuts them open, then closes them up again and makes them forget what has happened. This is only discovered if the person is put into a trance, then he remembers. I was once abducted myself, by fellows like little dolls. They paralysed me, then painfully examined me by sticking instruments up my nostrils. A female creature seduced me but it was very cold and unpleasant, a feeling of being violated. I then found myself back in the bush, and when I approached my village all the dogs tried to attack me and I had to be rescued. I then learned I had been missing for three days. There are many creatures who are watching over us curiously, and I think they are regulating our development for some reason.



Japan [man]

My name is Tatsumi Tanaka. I am 42 years old and the owner of the beauty parlour in Annaka-City, Gunma Prefecture. Last Sunday, October 23, I have seen a UFO and it was the first time such a shocking matter happened to me. I never believed that I would have such an experience, but surprisingly, it happened to me. I was on the second floor of my house and casually looking out the East window, when I caught sight of a white object, rather big, the shape impossible to describe, rising softly and perpendicularly from the surface of the ground. We can see Mount Akagi in the North Northeast direction, and it was in this direction that the UFO rose, but I could not tell how far away it was. It was about 10 o'clock in the morning. I wondered what it was. I thought at first sight it must be an airship or a balloon. I strained my eyes to see better but could not understand what it was.

After rising straight up, it stayed for a while at a constant height and seemed to become blurred outside. It then turned into the oval shape that is familiar to us from TV or magazines. It was the same object but not the same shape as before, but the outline was not clear. Soon after it moved to the right at a fast speed. It looked like a low-altitude flight but it all happened so quickly, and then it just disappeared in the cloudless blue sky. I was so shocked, I felt out of my mind. This thing was so huge, but it disappeared just in a moment. I tried to explain what I saw to my wife and child who were right beside me but I couldn't. I just pointed and could only shout out in surprise. My wife was very annoyed and said that everyone cannot see UFOs, only some people do and some don't. By then it had disappeared. I was so excited that I went outside with my daughter and searched the sky but it was too late. I still can't believe I have had such an experience. I will never forget that movement and that speed, something beyond common sense. It means to me that things exist that we don't understand.


Saudi Arabia [man]

I am called Shahee bou-Ainann. On Thursday March 26th, 1966, I was camped with a party of Bedouins. We were staying near the beach outside the town of Jubail, near the oil fields. That night we were relaxing around the campfire, looking up at the stars from time to time just as usual. Then suddenly, something never before seen appeared in the sky. It was a very large, brilliant blue light. It had the definite shape of an oval. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. So did everyone else. I thought we were dreaming. We watched the bright blue oval for several minutes as it hovered directly overhead, not too far away. Then, suddenly, it was gone...


China [woman]

My name is Wang Cunqiao. I live in Pusalu, a farming village 68 kilometres from Beijing. In my village we believe something mysterious, perhaps cosmic forces, made themselves visible to us on December 11, 1999. In the early evening, we saw an object about the size of a person and shimmering with golden light move slowly up into the sky from behind a nearby mountain. It was so beautiful, sort of yellow, shimmering. It looked like a supernatural being floating slowly up to heaven. This mysterious yellow object seemed to hover above the red roof of our small village hall. We just stood and watched until it suddenly disappeared. Then someone reported it to the authorities. I know this was something very real and very important.


China [man]

I am Colonel Li, Commander of the airbase in Changzou, where the military flight training academy is located. On October 19, 1998 four radar stations in Hebei Province reported the presence of an unidentified "blip" hovering over the academy. After ascertaining that the intruder was not a military or civilian flight, I ordered a Jianjiao 6 jet fighter to take off and intercept the UFO. At least 140 people on the ground saw the object. To observers at the base, the UFO first appeared to be a small pointed star, and then grew larger and larger, perhaps as it descended to a lower altitude. Witnesses described an object with a mushroom-shaped dome on top and a flat bottom, covered with bright, constantly-rotating lights.

The crew of the Jianjiao 6 interceptor consisted of a pilot and a radar officer. The two officers reported that the object clearly resembled depictions they had seen in foreign science fiction films... When they got within 4,000 metres of the UFO over Qing county, it abruptly shot upwards, easily evading subsequent attempts to get closer.

The flight crew reported that it appeared to be toying with the plane by repeatedly outdistancing it and then reappearing right above it. The pilot requested permission to fire on the UFO with the plane's automatic 20 mm cannon. I denied this permission to shoot, and told him to continue to pursue and observe the object. The pilot broke off pursuit at an altitude of 12,000 metres when the plane began running low on fuel. The UFO then apparently disappeared before I could order additional planes to be sent to the area.


India [man]

My name is Kannan, I am a teacher at a boys' school (gurukala) run by ISKCON in the village of Mayapura, West Bengal. I had a traditional Hindu religious upbringing but later rebelled against this by adopting ideas of atheism and rational skepticism. However, I have now regained my interest in spiritual questions. A few years ago I saw something that was what you would call a UFO but I believe was a vimana. It was during the Desert Storm battle. I had a class in the evening and I was listening to the BBC news of the battle with some of the Bhakti Sastri boys in front of my house. We were following Saddam Hussein very meticulously, all his movements. So I would put all the boys in front of my house in the evening, we would lay out a mat, put out the lights and play the radio under the stars.

It was about 8 pm. As I was sitting there, I just looked up and saw this very bright blue light overhead. It started from the Dhruva star, the Polestar that can be seen behind our school building. It started from there and it was moving very fast. Then when it came directly overhead, it seemed to slow down and then stop. It had a tail at the back that started small and became bigger. And very clearly there was a solid object in front of that. It was not at all like a star or a satellite, and it was not very high.

I was already staring at it when one boy said, "What is that, Pradhu?" And then this other boy said, "What is that, what is that?" We all got up and were looking at it. There were six of us, five boys and me. My wife was in the kitchen cooking something and she came out too because we were all shouting. So it was at maybe one and a half palm tree's height from the roof of our hut, which is not very high. It was at less than five stories above us. We saw it very clearly. Most of them were concentrating on the light. I looked in the front and I saw that it was a clear object. It was not a star and it was not far away. It was right there. And it was also, like, moving around itself but very slowly. Then it moved slowly away toward the Jalangi River where it suddenly picked up speed and disappeared. It was like somebody who slows down to look at something.

It was very, very interesting and the boys kept asking about it. Boys ask all sorts of questions. But anyway, to my understanding, it was actually a vimana. And for some reason they can become bigger or become smaller. It was an abnormal thing and we were completely helpless just looking at it. When I described it to a Muslim gentleman, an old farmer, he said that in the sky over Mayapura there are so many things like this. Things come, things go. So many things happen because this is Mahaprabhu' s place. So it is not surprising that such thing are seen in the sky over his land.


Australia and Oceania


Australia [woman]

I don’t wish to give my name. I was a teacher in South Australia for many years.

In 1976 I was hoovering my sitting room floor at about noon. Suddenly I felt quite ill and thought I was going to be sick, so I sat down on the sofa to see if the sick feeling would subside. I then saw that I was not alone; there were three strange little people standing alongside the sofa, just looking at me. I froze with fear, as I had never seen anything like them before, not even in films.

Two of them were short and fat, about four to four and a half feet tall, with broad faces and enormous black eyes, but with only a hint of where a nose or mouth might have been, almost like a pencil drawing. They had wispy bits of brown hair at the back of their heads, and they were wearing brown shrouds or robes. These beings, I knew instinctively, were the workers. The other being was female, thin and about five feet tall. She wore a black shroud and had black wispy hair at the back of her head. Her face was very elongated, with huge, dark, piercing eyes. Like the others, there was just a hint of where a nose or mouth could have been. The thin one started to speak to me with her mind, and told me I was to go with them. I said in my own mind that I would not go. Somehow this telepathic communication seemed perfectly normal at the time and I felt quite comfortable communicating like that. I was very frightened but I could still communicate and understand. I was so frightened because it seemed they were pulling me away with their minds. I had to struggle to resist them. At one point I remember falling down and trying to crawl towards the door. I must have fainted or something because I have no memory from that point onwards. When my husband came home at the usual time I realised I had lost about four hours. I still have no explanation for this experience.



Australia [man]

My name is Patrick Knowles. My family and I have been the victim of a media frenzy since first telling our story. Now I very much regret making it public. We have experienced unrelenting ridicule, being described as crazy, or accused of making up a hoax just for money, and so on. But we only wanted people to know what happened to us, we weren't after anything!

It happened on January 20, 1988. My mother, two brothers and I were driving from Perth to Melbourne. We were going to drive straight through in shifts, and we planned to cross the desert at night when the heat wasn't so bad. By 2.30 am we were in the Nullarbor Plain. We stopped for petrol and switched drivers. Sean was driving and I was in the front seat next to him. The road was empty. Suddenly we saw a bright yellow light up ahead and Sean slowed down. As we got closer, the yellow light seemed to be emanating from an egg-shaped object hovering just above ground level. We thought we might be seeing things but then a caravan passed going the other way, and it swerved sharply to avoid the luminous egg. The closer we got to it, the more we realised it wasn't a normal vehicle or a road signal or anything like that. Sean swerved to avoid it and we continued on, leaving it behind.

Suddenly, the object started towards us. It appeared to accelerate with tremendous speed. We drove on and it literally chased us. The faster we went to get away from it, the faster this object went after us. I reckon we reached a speed of 125 miles per hour but it caught up in a matter of seconds. Then Sean made a sudden u-turn and headed back West in the direction of the petrol station. The UFO also turned around. I don't know how the hell it was flying, because it didn't have any wings or anything like wings. It just kept coming after us. Sean made another fast u-turn heading back toward Melbourne again but the UFO turned as well and kept pace with the car. In the backseat, everyone was scared. The dogs started barking and whining.

Then suddenly, we were hit. It shot a beam of light out and punctured our back tyre. The back tyre was on fire. We started sliding across the road. I realised if we braked we would have to confront the UFO, but Sean didn't have any choice. Then it landed on the roof of the car and picked the car up. It lit up the car like a microwave. The heat was intense. Our hair was standing straight up and we felt really funny - like we were being dehydrated. It was awful, frightening, like our brains were being sucked out. My fear was that I would be pulled out of my body. I put my hand out of the window and touched something spongy that burned my hand. I thought we were going to die.
You could actually feel the car rising in the air. The car began to fill with a thick black fog. It was so hot, and all this soot, this junk, started covering us. Our voices started changing - you know how a tape deck sounds when the batteries start to go flat? That's what it was like. Then I passed out.

I came to when I heard a tremendous noise, like a bang, and our car suddenly dropped back to earth. Dawn was coming up. The thing just flew away, that was the last we saw of it. I had to change the tyre, and we tried to clean out the black soot. There were marks on the roof of the car. As soon as we could, we drove fast to the nearest roadhouse. We were too shocked to talk for a while. Then we realised we had lost a couple of hours time during the incident. We called the police. The funny thing was they were already looking for us. Someone, maybe the people in the caravan we passed, had phoned the police anonymously. Their report states that they witnessed our car being picked up off the road and shaken violently. They noticed the car was covered in black ash. The police inspected our car and noted the ash, the bad smell, and the dents on the roof. They was convinced something had occurred. They took us to the hospital where we were treated for burns and shock. But then the media got hold of the incident. I don't think a single reporter or journalist asked sensible questions or tried to console us for our fear, they just wanted to humiliate us. When our car was examined by forensic scientists, they found unexplained high concentrations of chlorine, an element not usually present in cars, animals, or the desert environment. My family does not need proof of this sort because we all know what we witnessed and what we went through that night.


Papua New Guinea [boy]

My name is Alex James. I live in Pilapila Community, New Guinea. About 7 pm last Tuesday, November 6th, 1999 I went with four friends to Pilapila Community School for rugby practice. We were going back to our village after dark when we saw some bright lights approaching. There were a lot of people about, some coming back from bathing and others were sitting around eating their dinners. When they saw the lights, they all ran inside and locked their doors except for a few who just stood and stared. As the UFO approached us we heard no sound. The streetlights all dimmed just like a torch when the batteries are failing. It hovered over the coconut palms and looked huge. It was oblong in shape. As it passed slowly overhead, my friends and I were almost frozen as we watched it. We felt as though we could not move or speak, because we were so shocked by the sight. Pastaim mi tingim God papa. na nupela millenium na bihain mi tingam ol movie Olsem Starwars. The bottom of the UFO was oblong-shaped, with very bright lights all around the edges, and the top was like a pyramid shape, with lights around it also. Just bright white, no colours. It was huge and took over 30 minutes to pass by - we checked the time. When it was hovering over us it seemed to be as bright as day, the whole place was lit up like bright daylight, that's how bright its lights were. Then the object just disappeared in the direction of the mountains near Vuvu.


New Zealand [woman]

My name is Edith Perkins. At 8.30 pm, Monday, March 30. 1998, I was doing some chores in our backyard. This is in Bexley, just North of Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand. I saw something in the sky, like a capsule or cigar-shaped object. At first it had a silver-whitish body, with a darker grey forked tail. While l looked at it it was just overhead, seeming to be coming closer. I was facing West. The rounded edges, front and back, of the object called my attention to it initially. Its size appeared to be about 10 centimetres long if held at arm's length. I suppose it was about 30,000 feet high but it seemed very puzzling that there was no jet trail behind it. So I went indoors to fetch a pair of 7 x 35 binoculars. My husband joined me and our home-care nurse. As we three watched, a very bright light completely covered the object. It did not happen as a flash of light, it seemed to start up and then finish with a burst of light. I was seeing a different rear design on the craft, with a forked end to it, and the colour was now dark grey. Another burst of light occurred and the object presented a rim, all around the craft, with either intermittent coloured lights on the rim, or else the rim was composed of rotating coloured lights. These were in tones of reddish-orange. This object then flew out over Pegasus Bay, towards the Northeast.


Hawaii [woman]

My name is Glenna Heller. This happened two years ago... I live in an apartment on the Southernmost tip of Kauai. We were no further than perhaps 20 feet from our apartment, just going home, when out of the West came an enormous ball of light, moving very, very fast. It was opaque white/yellow in the centre, with many colours around the peripheries. It appeared to have a tail of light. No sound accompanied the object whatsoever, and it was very low to the ground, perhaps as much as 100 feet above our heads. As it reached nearly above us, it divided into three balls of light, all the same size and colour. As it moved to the East and away from us, we saw it divide into seven orbs. I telephoned a friend on the North end of the island and told her to go outside quickly. She described what she saw to me, and it was the same - some seven or so objects of light near the ground. It appeared to be circling the island. The following day, our newspaper read, "Mysterious Light Show" with a full account of what we had seen, including the fact that a similar occurrence had been viewed on Hawaii's Big Island the night before. No explanation had been found for that sighting either. It was identical to what we had seen.

Miscellaneous Europe I


Poland [man]

I am Dr. B. Placyk. The extraordinary event I am about to report was also witnessed by Mrs. E. Pluta and Messrs. G.Sieczynski, A.Olejuk, J.Kaminska, and G.Ludorf. On 5th September 1980 Mrs. Pluta, who was pregnant, began to experience labour pains and the ambulance was called. She and I plus the driver and stretcher bearer were travelling along deserted country roads between Sztumem-Zalawach and Gdansk when we encountered, quite suddenly, at 3.15 am, a huge crimson globe that came down out of the sky and paced the ambulance for about 45 minutes.

As we were a team of professional medical workers, our first concern was for the safety of the mother and baby, and we considered the UFO a distracting threat. For this reason we did not get very emotional at the time. However, when we came to a level crossing, the two attendants in their hut were simply shaking with fear at the sight. We had to halt because the road was blocked by the huge crimson ball.

To be more specific, this is what I believe we saw: At first, all of us in the ambulance saw the globe as a big red ball in the sky, some distance away. It looked larger than the full moon and was dark crimson in colour. It immediately descended to tree-top height and hovered about 500 metres from the ambulance. One second it hung in the sky at about cloud level, the next it was seen hovering between two trees either side of the road in the middle distance. All of us sensed the globe's ominous approach, as it cruised towards us at a very low height, following the road. I was always aware that it was never exactly in the sky, but probably was not very high above the ground at any time. As our ambulance approached the level crossing, so did the globe - and we each stopped there. The globe was less than a metre above the surface of the road. I got out to speak to the crossing attendants. I said, "Can you see what I see?" They said, "We've been observing it for some time". I went back to the ambulance and told the others, "They cannot help us at all, they're trembling with fear."

At that point Mrs. Pluta's labour contractions became more frequent, and we felt it was urgent to get to the hospital immediately. Since our path was blocked, I decided to call the police. I reported that there was an obstacle in the way, and asked them to come immediately. "What kind of obstacle?" they asked. "A UFO", I replied. It was now 4.10 am and all we could do was stay there and stare at the UFO. We had plenty of time to observe it in detail. Its surface displayed curved bands and stripes, with a multitude of black lines traversing up and down in irregular patterns. These clear-cut markings reminded me of veins inside the human body. The ambulance driver said they looked to him like a huge net. As we watched, parts of the surface changed colour. There appeared to be orange-yellow patches on the deep crimson background. Then, the globe dropped to only about 10 centimetres above the road, constantly changing colours, pulsating, but always with dull, muted tones. Suddenly, it gave off a strong white light that was so bright it reflected on the surface of the road.

Out of sheer exasperation, our driver flashed his headlights at it, twice. Immediately, inexplicably, it simply vanished. It was 4.15 am. At 6.10 am Mrs. Pluta gave birth to a daughter in hospital. A careful examination of the whole area in daylight revealed nothing.


Lithuania [man]

I am Valentinas Loukhniavitchous, Chief of Police in Vilnius, Lithuania. Recently I had to appear on the radio to explain that two policemen, who had reported seeing something extraordinary, were known to me to be reliable witnesses and were of sound and honest mind. There has been considerable public anxiety about this matter, arising from what I consider to be media hysteria about their official report.

On June 26, 1996 the entire police force of Vilnius was put on alert. The two officers stated that they observed a round, shining object on the main Vilnius-Miadininkai route, at around half past midnight. 10 kilometres from the capital city near the village of Nemejis. The object was flashing bright light, and hovered 20 to 30 metres above the ground. "At the same time, you could hear a strange sound - like electricity crackling", they said. The two men approached the UFO after watching it for almost half an hour. When they were some fifty metres from it, the object started to move upwards and away from them into the air, then accelerated towards Vilinius.

At that point an alert was put out and van loads of rapid reaction force police and tracker dogs arrived on the scene, but the UFO had disappeared. We conducted official tests on the area's ground composition, measured the air's radiation, and took sound recordings. The grass in the area for 10 metres around where the UFO was reported to have been sighted was visibly flattened.


Germany [man]

Hello! We are searching for anyone who was a witness of the following story that happened to my wife and me in the evening of 3 April 1998 - or anyone who has ever seen something like this. Location: road between these villages in Germany, Moringen - Lutterbeck - Fredelsloh, (approximately 100 km South of Hannover) Date: 3 april 1998 21.30 to 22.00.

It was dark and cloudy (no moon, no stars) when we were driving by car through the village named Fredelsloh. When my wife glanced at the sky out of the side window she saw something dark suddenly covering the sky over our car. I drove the car and watched the road - so I saw at this time nothing. One minute later a big rotating object flew down the hill over the meadow and crossed the road just over our car. We only saw the the lights which were in 2 concentric circles - about 10 in the outer, 7 in the inner circle. The diameter was about 50 metres. There were no coloured lights - all lights were white and as bright as the headlights of a car. The rotation speed was about 1.5 rotations per second - so it wasn't easy to watch a single light. The diameter of one light was about 0.5 metre. The object flew at a height of 10 to 20 metres over the fields to a wood. It turned by changing its inclination just like an airplane or helicopter has to do flying a curve. It quickly returned back to the road to stop beside our car and fly with the same speed, 100 km/h. It lifted up changing its inclination to me so I could see its amazing size. 2 seconds later it flew over the car to the other side turned with the same movement to flyover the car again. This repeated 5 or 6 times on our way... okay - this wasn't all but should be enough.

There was no sound or noise (except the motor of the car). There was no smell. The radio was turned off. The maximum speed of the object was about 400-500 km/h. The observed acceleration 2-3 g. (l know my speed 100 km/h, know the points where the object crossed the road and the distance between these points and I calculated the rest...) It's impossible that this was a projection on the cloudy sky. When I look out of the side window I can't see the sky - only the hill. We met 3 other cars - did they see the same?


Sweden (man)

Call me Anders. On Saturday 23 March 1974, I left a local election celebration and decided to walk home, about 5 km away. I had had a few glasses but was still sober. It was a starry, moonlit night and I decided to take a short-cut that led over a hill. As I was climbing, a bright light came from behind, which I thought was a fast car. I moved off the road onto the grass verge and then I realised it was not a car. The light passed right over me, almost touching my head, very quick! Then I found myself immediately outside my home in Lindholmen, ringing the doorbell frantically. When my wife opened the door, she saw that I had a wound in my forehead and my cheek was burnt.

The next day I telephoned the National Defence and was interviewed in detail by two investigators. They told me there were other witnesses: a woman cyclist reported seeing a light at the same time I did and a couple driving nearby saw what they thought was a new water-tower with extremely bright lights shining out of its windows - later they realised there was no water-tower at that spot. I still have a scar on my face to this day. Whenever I touch it I feel a tingling sensation and I experience a wonderful feeling of one-ness, of unity with the earth itself.


Denmark [man]

In June 1951 I heard a strange whistling noise and saw an object land in a meadow. I approached to within 50 metres, only to find myself completely unable to move. I noticed that the birds had stopped singing and the cows also appeared to be paralysed. From the object I saw four handsome men come out. They had brown ski n and work black shiny suits with translucent helmets.

Miscellaneous Europe II


USSR [woman]

My name is Mrs. E. Loznaya. In 1936, when I was 15, I was living in the Oktyabriskiy sovkhoz in Kazakhstan. At the time I had never heard of UFOs and did not even know of the existence of science fiction books and magazines.

In the winter, every morning I went to school by a lonely country road. On that particular day, it was already light although the sun had not yet risen. The weather was fine and it was freezing. Suddenly I caught sight of a dark point moving rapidly in the sky to my left. It came closer, grew larger, and in a matter of seconds I saw a man-like figure dressed in black and seen in profile.

This figure was, to my mind, of medium-height; his black clothes covered him completely, like overalls. I could clearly see his head, or more exactly, something like a helmet, and enormous square arms tightly fixed to his body. I could see behind his back an oval thing something like a rucksack. Looking with fright at the "flying man", I noticed suddenly that he had changed his course and was now flying towards me. When he turned I saw his right arm was slightly bent at the elbow. Now I saw him full face, but could not discern any features because, in place of a face there was just an entirely black surface.

At that instant I heard an increasing rumble as if it was a flying mechanism and not a living being. By now the distance between us had shortened to about 40 metres. I was terrified and tried to look for somewhere to hide, but there was none on the snow-covered steppe. I then turned again towards the flying man and saw... nobody. Nothing unusual was to be seen. Maybe he had made a sudden change in his course or maybe he had dived into a snow bank... but the next minute I was running towards my home.

This sighting only lasted a minute but I have remembered every detail clearly all these years.


Italy [man]

I am Major Francesco Zoppi, formerly Chief pilot of the Orsa Maggiore Squadron of the Italian Army Light Aircraft Corps, 21st Helicopter Group. On October 27, 1977 we had taken off in the helicopters for a normal training flight when, at a distance of about 300 metres, I saw in front of me an extremely bright orange-coloured circle. It looked like a ring of fire in the sky. We at once contacted the control tower [who] replied that nothing was visible from the ground. Meanwhile, the fiery circle continued to be there, right in front of us, and moving at a speed almost identical to our own.

Then I asked the other two helicopters of our squadron whether they could see it. One said they could, and confirmed that they were seeing the same thing as we were, while the third helicopter, piloted by Captain Romolo Romani, replied that they saw nothing. The luminous circle then suddenly vanished at a speed impossible for any aircraft of this world to equal. I called the control tower again, and was informed that in the meantime other people had seen it and had been following it with binoculars. But the radar had detected nothing.


Malta [man]

Witness: Anonymous
Location: Fomm ir-Rih, Malta
Object: Glowing white and with no features except for a bulge in the middle
Sound: A buzzing and humming noise
Notes: Mr. X was driving along a dirt road near Fomm ir-Rih at 9 pm. He heard a buzzing noise which increased in pitch until his car's engine went dead. He looked out of his window and saw what he described as a "plattina tleqq" - a glowing plate-like object. This appeared to be descending directly onto his car. He panicked and tried to get out but the door seemed to be jammed. He could do nothing except brace himself for the impact. When nothing happened, he looked out again and saw the object hovering at 20 metres above his car. The noise it had emitted became a hum. It hovered over him for 10 minutes during which time he didn't move from his seat. Without warning, it rose at an incredible speed until disappearing in the distance. The car started normally, and frightened out of his wits, Mr. X drove like mad to Ghar Lapsi where he had to meet a friend.

On the way he stopped for a drink (a double whisky) and recounted his story to the barman. The barman (who is personally known to the researcher) confirmed that Mr. X looked as if "he had seen a ghost". Mr. X was illiterate so his story could not have been faked after having read a UFO book.


Greece [man]

My name is Georg N. Pantoulas, and I want to tell you the story of the UFO crash near the village of Megas Platanos in Central Greece on September 2, 1990. I went there to interview the witnesses and this is what they told me.

About 03.00 hours that night, shepherds and some villagers observed a small group of 5 to 6 UFOs approaching the area from the North. One of them had an unstable flight and seemed to be with a problem. Strange lights came out of UFOs fuselage, but without any noise. As an eyewitness, shepherd Trantos Karatranjos told me, suddenly the troubled UFO lost altitude and crashed to the ground at a distance of about 500 metres away from him. He didn't hear any noise but a fire started burning the bushes. Trantos Karatranjos was very afraid to get closer and stayed in his position watching the phenomenon. The rest of the UFOs in this group stopped over the "accident" spot and 2 of them landed near the destroyed UFO. In a few minutes the fire in the bushes was terminated. For the rest of the night, till dawn, there was an unusual traffic from the ground to the flying UFOs. Light spots went up and down, probably collecting the pieces of the destroyed UFO and the bodies (?) of the crew. They finished the collection before sunrise and after that the rest of UFOs took off and were lost in the sky! Meanwhile all the villagers had been awakened and had seen the whole operation.

Early in the morning the villagers went out to the spot where all of this occurred and they saw on the ground a burned oval shape in the ground with a cut pine tree in the centre (it is still in this place); and very small metallic pieces and pieces of wires around the tree. Some of the people, like Argyris Alevantas, collected a number of these pieces. One strange thing was that at the edges of the burned oval the fire stopped like it had been cut by knife! Some hours later a team of Hellenic Air Force personnel came in the area and told the villagers that this was nothing serious, maybe a Soviet satellite crashed or a plane! They took some pieces of the UFO too and left the area. Argyris Alevantas sent a piece of the UFO to the Space Research Institute in Brussels. That's the story. If you think that we need more information we can get more because I have a very good relationship with the people in the village of Megas Platanos. You see, they don't like to talk a lot about this story because they are afraid that someone will think they are crazy or something!


Romania [man]

My name is Traian Crisan, I am 48 years of age, a sheep farmer in Arad near the Romanian/ Hungarian border. On June 20th, I was checking my sheep at approximately 4 am, when I saw a huge light approaching over a nearby wheat field - like the moon, but much larger. When the light came within 5 metres, a sudden powerful blast of wind blew away my hat and cape and knocked me to the ground. I lay there clinging to a bush in terror. The bright object was completely round, and it emitted a whistling noise. The object remained motionless hovering above the wheat field for two minutes, before taking off straight upwards and disappearing incredibly quickly. I ran to get help. When I returned, we observed two crop circles had appeared in the wheat. Both circles measured 6 metres in diameter, with an outer ring measured 4 metres in width. All the corn within the circle was firmly pressed down in an anticlockwise direction, and the crop was interwoven, or plaited. There were several other witnesses who also described seeing a strange light over the field, and hearing a whistling noise! The corn started rippling and then bent over double.


Croatia [man]

Hello. My name is Berislav Kucan. On Wednesday, April 16th, 1997, at 8.15 pm a UFO appeared over the town of Zagorje in Northern Croatia. It seemed like a giant cigar. I was watching TV at 6.45 pm that evening when I suddenly noticed red light streaming through my window. I left my chair, got dressed and went out in the yard to see what the disturbance was all about. About 160 metres away, in a farm field, a tubular or cigar-shaped "fireball" hovered just above the ground. At the centre was a black sphere surrounded by a fiery red glow, approximately 12 metres high and 15 metres in diameter, with three holes like windows. It was silent and flew quickly away.

Afterwards, I went to the place where I thought it had been located, and discovered a crop circle measuring 28 metres in diameter. I also found a few strange footprints or tracks larger than my own. The prints were Croatian shoe size 43 according to my estimate. But when I went to summon witnesses, they saw nothing except the crop circle.


France, Canada and Switzerland


France [man]

In September 30, 1954 I found myself in a peculiar state of drowsiness walking away from my team of eight construction workers. Less than ten metres away from me, on a slope, I saw a man. His head was covered with an opaque glass helmet with a visor coming down to his chest. He wore grey overalls and short boots. In his hand he held an elongated object which could have been a pistol or could have been a metal rod. On his chest was a light. He was standing in front of a large shining dome, which floated about three feet off the ground. Above the cupola of the machine were objects like rotating wings or blades. Then suddenly the strange man vanished and I couldn't explain how he did, since he did not vanish from my field of vision by walking away, but vanished like an image one erases suddenly. Then I heard a strange whistling sound and the dome rose by successive jerks in a vertical direction, and then it too was erased in a sort of blue haze. Six of my team also confirm these details.


France [teenager]

On August 16, 1997 my brother and I saw a red ball to our left coming down and hovering at tree height. It then left at fantastic speed. The object was a disc about 7.5 metres in diameter with a red dome and rotating fins under it. It emitted a yellow-orange glow.


France [woman]

On Sunday evening, February 15, 1998, I was driving with two other people on Autoroute RN 13 between Evreux and Saint André de l'Eure when we spotted four luminous objects in the sky forming one shape or formation. It had a spherical form and remained stationary in front of us. As we drove into Evreux the object was on our right. Then somehow we lost sight of it. We dropped off Beatrice at her home in the Val David section of Evreux and drove down Chaussée D67, heading back to Saint André de l'Eure. We then saw three other spheres in a stationary group. The first in line suddenly made a jerky motion. Then the UFOs dispersed in all directions. We stopped the car, and stepped outside to get a better look. We then saw the first UFOs return. The intensity of the light varied, seeming to give an impression of shrinkage and expansion. All these strange phenomena disappeared after ten minutes. We reported what we had seen to the police.


Canada [man]

On November 7th, 1990 I was the first to report what turned out to be the largest UFO sighting in Canada. I was at that time the lifeguard at the Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal. The swimming pool was on the roof. I noticed a woman who was floating on her back, motionless, for about ten minutes. I went to her to see if she was all right. She just pointed silently up to the sky.

When I first saw those lights I was stunned. They were very bright. I first saw yellow lights, I would say six, seven, or eight spots - within the shape of an egg.

It didn't move an inch, from what I could see. Everywhere I moved around the roof, the thing always seemed to be right over my head. I said, "Somebody pinch me, because I don't believe what I see."

I called the hotel manager and rumours spread like wildfire through the hotel. The police arrived and called for help when they witnessed the overwhelming display of lights and the large crowd that had gathered. Photographers were taking pictures and the TV people were there, too. The lights now seemed to be a coldish white, almost bluey, and incredibly bright and sharp, like pencils of light. After approximately two hours and fifteen minutes they began to move slowly from the West to the East. When they were far away they still resembled a shape or formation, like a glittering crown in the sky. It was really something to witness. It will always stick in my memory as something strange and very exciting.


Switzerland [teenager]

My name is Alex Carrara and I am 17 years of age. My family live in Geneva, Switzerland. We were spending the Christmas holidays in Kimsar, Rajahstan State, India. On Christmas Eve, December 24, 1997 I was standing outside our rented villa with my parents and brother and sister when we noticed a crowd of ten to twelve local people looking up at the sky. When we looked up also, we were struck by the sight of a bright yellow or orange UFO, soundless, with a yellow-orange glow or aura emanating from it.

The UFO approached Kimsar from the East at an extremely high altitude flying about at between 50 to 70 degrees above the horizon. Some of the local witnesses argued that it was a satellite, but the direction of the object wasn't straight like a satellite. The object followed three different courses. I know the sky well and have been studying astronomy for years. I know this was not a star. It couldn't have been a distant electric light because there are no lights in Kimsar because there is no electricity. The UFO performed its strange turning manoeuvres for another five minutes before it disappeared in the West. We were left in doubt about what we had all seen. It was spectacular and strange to witness.

Portugal and Brazil


Brazil [man]

I am Antonio da Gacas Santos, Commander of Military Police in Tres Coroãs, South of Rio de Janiero. In February 1980, I rushed over to my neighbour's house because the back garden was brightly illuminated, as though something was on fire. I then witnessed very clearly a creature about the height of a human being. Its arms were extended and I heard a low whining noise, like a puppy. I couldn't see details because of the extremely bright light. My neighbour reached out and touched the creature, then fell back as though experiencing an electric shock. I felt afraid, but not a normal fear, more like a sense of awe. I still get goose bumps when I think about the incident.

There seemed to be a fire around the creature, but it didn't burn anything. We looked up and saw an object hovering overhead, but again, because of the bright light, I could not make out any details. lt seemed as though flashes of light were also exploding in the tree tops. I heard something that sounded like a beating rhythm. Then suddenly, everything went dark and quiet.

I now believe that on other planets in other solar systems there exist forces which can manifest themselves here. I can think of no other explanation for this incident, which was beyond my capacity to observe accurately.


Portugal [woman]

My name is Cristina Marto de Pimental. I am a reporter. On New Year's Eve, December 31, 1997, my husband and I were at a seaside party in Funchal, which is on the South shore of Madeira Island, in the Atlantic Ocean, 912 kilometres East of Morocco. We were watching the New Year's festivities, all the fireworks in the sky. Then several people at the party called my attention to a red and motionless light above Funchal. The OVNI suddenly made a very tight circle, returned to its initial position, and, a few seconds later, it accelerated at great speed in a vertical direction. We were all quite amazed at the sight. A British couple at the festival videotaped the UFO as it hovered. The next day I telephoned the Fuerzas Aereas Portugeses (FAP) headquarters in Lisboa. The Portuguese air force told me that they'd had no flights, neither planes nor helicopters, and no satellites were over Madeira at that time.


Brazil [woman]

Hello. My name is Messias de Oliveira. On February 22, 1997, at 4.58 pm I was walking through the Bairro de Nordexte in Aracagi, João Pessoa, Brazil. As I walked by the Compostagem bus stop, I observed an oval-shaped light, extremely bright, rising into the air, giving the appearance of being hidden behind the bus station. It gave off whitish smoke. At first, I thought it was a teardrop-shaped fireworks display before realising it was far stranger than that. I thought to myself, 'It's going to fall", but the object continued to rise noiselessly into the air. It appeared to be huge and like nothing I had ever seen. I was very afraid.


Brazil [man]

On August 21, I, Roberto Rabelo, saw a huge UFO over the city of Cubatao, São Paulo. When I arrived at my job at the ETA (Water Treatment Station), there were 3 other fellows watching the phenomenom. It was 12.58 am, dawn of August 21, and I looked to the North and there was a UFO at a low altitude. One of the technicians said that it must be a short-circuit in a near energy tower. Then we ascended the tower and realised that thing we were seeing was not ordinary. The UFO was higher than the energy tower. It had a red light on top and 3 others red lights below it, in a triangular shape. The lights did not blink. Seconds later, between the red lights, a lot of flashes, hundreds of white flashes! Then all disappeared, suddenly...

I estimated that the UFO was bigger than a soccer field. Then suddenly once again the UFO appeared, just like the first time, but this time when the flashing lights had turned off, from the UFO another object, like a yellow ball, came out, which flew in the direction of the COSIPA (a food factory). But the big UFO itself was no longer visible.

Again suddenly, for the third time the UFO appeared and this time we were able to see a "shadow" behind it. Something triangular. Finally the UFO moved away in the East direction, passing over the COSIPA factory. All the sighting lasted 20 minutes and was seen by four of us technicians.

Spain and Spanish-speaking South America


Spain [man]

On February 5, 1978, I, Julio Albafuera, a veterinarian in Medinaceli was abducted by alien beings. They also abducted my dog. These beings were tall and Nordic-looking. They took samples of blood, gastric juices and semen.

They told me that their own world is becoming a dark, spoiled place and they want to study our wonderful world before we make a mess of things as they did on their world. I was on their ship but I could not see clearly and I can only remember a few things about the experience. I asked them why they have to do these things to us, and one of them said. "We have to because, as time goes by, mankind will become sterile. They will not be able to produce because of the pollutions of the lands and the waters and the air and the bacteria.” That is how they explained to me why they are taking these specimens, because they are trying to save samples to grow things from in the future. They also told me there are other races of beings who have a different idea, that of reprogramming us entirely and manipulating us genetically.


Puerto Rico [man]

I wish to remain anonymous, because I am a Minister of the Baptist Church in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and some people might think what I have experienced is against religion. I have had three meetings with humanoid beings from the planet Koshnak, located in the vicinity of the constellation of Orion. Their vehicles can travel in space and can also somehow pass through our planet. These beings appeared to me to have melon-shaped, completely expressionless faces with thin lips, tiny noses and ears, and extremely large eyes without pupils. Their eyes are green with scintillating flashes. The expression in the eyes is intense. They always seem friendly. One of them is called Ohnesto and he is the one who mainly communicates with me. This is a kind of telepathic communication. He tries to explain complicated ideas of time and space to me. He has told me that they travel in the seventh and eighth dimensions which are unknown to earth humans. These beings are aware of thirteen dimensions. Their life span is about 800 to 1000 of our years. They can continue life forever with only one cell of their body. They are beings of other dimensions, of other worlds, but they are not gods.

From time immemorial, teachers of Light came to our planet from other planets, from other systems, even from other galaxies and realms known to us as the non-physical or supernatural realms of existence. Great companies of Light came into incarnation on our planet Earth, carrying with them the message of Truth and Love and Light. I believe that our Lord Jesus Christ is one of these beings.


Mexico [man]

My name is Leopoldo Morales and I am an airline pilot. On Saturday, January 3, 1998, at 3 am, I was standing on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, a seaside resort on the Bahia de Banderas, 580 kilometres West of Mexico City when I witnessed something very unusual. I should add that I have over 30 years' flying experience, including 24 years with the airforce and air national guard.

While standing on the beach and looking at the stars with another airline pilot, I observed a reddish-coloured light, which I initially thought was a meteorite, move rapidly from East to West. It was much too quick for a satellite, planet or any of the usual things seen in the night sky. As I pointed out the light to my companion, the object suddenly changed direction by about 135 degrees of turn, very sharply and extraordinarily quickly. The movement defied any laws of flight and physics that I am aware of. The light then made another rapid change of course to a Westerly heading, then disappeared out of sight. I was so startled that I immediately confirmed what I had just seen with my companion. I have never seen any flying craft perform this type of manoeuvre before, and to me this means there are only two possibilities: either there are extremely advanced aircraft of unknown type created by a government that wishes to conceal this new technology from our knowledge, or spaceships from outside our planet really do exist, and I saw one of them.


Chile [man]

Hello. I am Luis Sanchez Perry. I wish to report that January 1998 was a big month for UFO sightings in Chile. I have interviewed witnesses to obtain the following information.

On January 4, 1998, Pablo Marinan and his family spied a UFO over their hometown of Angol, located 400 kilometres South of Santiago de Chile. "The object was 55 degrees above the horizon and Southeast of us", Pablo reported. "The UFO was oval in shape, a very bright light with a dark structure around it. The object was vibrating. At arm's length, it was about two centimetres (one inch) long."

On January 17, 1998, at 9.19 pm, Rodrigo Bravo saw "a very bright white/gold light come from the South at high speed. It stopped in mid-air over Santiago (above the Corrillos section) for about ten seconds, then it shot back to the South from where it came."

On January 24, 1998, Sergio Rojas and four friends drove out to Tranque Alfalfal dam in El Cajon del Maipo about 40 kilometres Southwest of Santiago. On their way up the mountain to the dam, they saw two balls of light pass over them at a very high speed. After a few seconds, they saw a third one, but it was travelling much slower. Arriving at the dam,Sergio reported that he and his friends left the car and walked to the cliff's edge. From here they could see the Rio Maipo 100 metres below. Then the witnesses saw a cigar/egg-shaped UFO about 18 metres long coming up the river. It was a bright white colour. They heard a very high-pitched tone that clogged their ears for a while. As the OVNI flew by, the group found themselves covered by "a strange mist, hot and cold at the same time". They hurried back to the car and drove down the mountain. On their way to San Jose de Maipo, they encountered a UFO that was hovering about 800 metres from them. They stopped the car and got out. The UFO looked like the moon but was slightly smaller and was white-coloured. After five minutes of observation, the UFO faded away like a cloud or smoke.


Bolivia [women]

I have been wanting to tell people about this experience for ten years. Ten years ago this January, in 1989, while hiking high on the Altiplano in Bolivia, I witnessed a dazzling display of bright, laser-like lights shooting up at the sky behind a bluff nearly two miles away. I was with a group of indigenous Quechua-speaking farmers. When I asked them what it was they smiled but refused to tell me anything. After insisting that they should tell me what I was seeing, they explained it came from "up there" - pointing up at the night sky. "Military?", I asked, knowing that the US were present in Bolivia. The Bolivians shook their heads and just pointed to the sky again. I nervously followed them back to our sleeping quarters a half-hour hike down the bluff we were standing on, in the pitch dark of night. The name of the bluff is Misquipampa, outside of Cochabamba, Bolivia.


Uruguay [man]

I am police chief Miguel Costa, in charge of the force at Melo, Uruguay. On March 24th, 1981, I was driving with two friends, Armando and Maria Peça, along a gravel road near Tacuarembo, when a huge oval disc loomed out of the early morning darkness. It was enormous and gleaming, with yellow and orange lights. I stopped the car, and purely on impulse, flashed the headlights. All of a sudden the UFO appeared to hesitate and zig-zag up and back as if answering our call.

When I started up again, it was following us. I again stopped the car and flashed my lights. Again the UFO appeared to waver in reply. We drove on once more along the twisting road, and the UFO stayed with us, always about a half kilometre away. This went on for almost 50 kilometres. That's when the strangest thing of all occurred.

We were all glued to the windows watching as the disc suddenly shot towards the ground as if it was going to crash. It stopped 50 to 100 metres from the earth, and we could clearly see its round, dome-like shape with a large flat plate underneath. There was a slight ring of cloud around the dome. The top was reddish but the bottom was a brilliant glowing white.

Inexplicably, this new position of the UFO made us all uneasy, so we turned around and headed back to Tacuarembo, the nearest town. The blazing lights of the UFO remained at a constant distance behind us. I pulled in under some trees hoping to evade it. We then observed a second disc travelling some distance behind the first. They never touched but they seemed to be travelling together. They seemed to manoeuvre up and down until clouds started to form. They then passed over the top of the clouds and lit them up like a halo. Then they faded, getting smaller and smaller until they disappeared at dawn. They had been with us for 90 minutes. We were all speechless, as we could not believe what we had witnessed. I myself have never believed in UFOs but I do know that this incident revealed something rare and inexplicable.


Guatemala [man]

It was December 1st, 1999, when me and a couple of dozen people were witnesses to an incredible spectacle in the surroundings of the Temple of the Bi -Headed Serpent, at Tikal.

It was 5 o'clock in the morning and I was in the fourth temple with about 12 people, while the others were in the park nearby. Suddenly the sky lightened up completely when we saw a bright sphere, bigger than the moon and totally white. It crossed the sky from one side to the other and disappeared all of a sudden, leaving a long trace behind itself, a luminous trail in the sky which we could see for about three minutes. Some of us even managed to take photos.

United Kingdom


United Kingdom [women]

I live in Bampton, West Swindon, Wiltshire. I reported the following incident at 8.30 pm on October 25,1995. It was witnessed also by my mother who was staying the night with me. Neither of us had been drinking or was under the influence of medication.

At 7.45 I was outside, bringing in the washing off the clothes line, when I observed a single bright light hovering in the far distance. At first I thought it to be a bright star. However, whilst watching this "star" it suddenly moved quickly in a Westerly direction, and the opposite side to the direction appeared to have a red glow. At first I thought it was the local Police helicopter, which often transits along the M4, which is not too far away. Whilst trying to make out the shape of the object, it rapidly changed direction again, flying extremely fast to the East.

It was at this point I called for my mother to come outside and to witness what was happening. When I returned outside, the object was still in the same location, on the horizon to the Northwest of my home. With both of us watching, it then sped to due West before flying to the South, passing above my home. Whilst at that location it appeared to split into two separate sources of white light. The two lights then slowly accelerated to the West before disappearing over the horizon. Again, red light was visible from the trailing side of the objects.

The weather on the night in question was relatively clear, with only light cloud. I reported the incident to the police who then called RAF Lyneham, and was told nothing at all was visible on their radar reports.


United Kingdom [older man]

When I was young I had some very strange experiences which affected my entire life. This was in the 1930s.

In 1935 I had pneumonia, which in those days was a dangerous and sometimes fatal disease. One evening, right at dark, two beings came to the window in an elongated envelope. They and their conveyance were like the Northern Lights. They asked me to go with them, and each took a hand. When they touched me it was like being lightly tickled, very pleasurable. The odd part was that you could see through them, but they were there and we talked without sound.

They took me to a huge pavilion where couples were dancing. My impression was that the males were dressed in black with white trim. The females were dressed the opposite way. There was no ceiling, but crystal s hung above and made music beyond comparison, that sounded to me like wind chimes.

I had three visits to this place in all. On the last visit, a female asked me why I was afraid of the dark. She said to me that both the light and the dark are my benefactors, and they would make them equal. She took a crystal and placed it in the palm of my left hand. For a moment it resembled the Star of David, two triangles, then it melted and ran between my fingers.

After that, my night vision changed. My eyes would adjust quickly so that I could see even when it was pitch black. I recovered quickly from my illness. A few months later, on a camping trip, I found I was the only one awake late at night watching undulating shafts of bright light. The shafts of light began a strange seemingly patterned movement. I was trying to puzzle this out, when suddenly there appeared my transparent envelope and what looked like an oval cylinder. It just seemed correct to get in. In an instant I was inside the pavilion again but the beings were not dancing as before. They seemed to be conversing silently, but not with me. A female asked me to step up on the dais because I was their conductor.


United Kingdom [man]

I am a graphic designer with a good visual memory. What I saw was visually very vivid, but it doesn't make much sense. However, it may have been the most important thing that ever happened to me. In November 1980, my wife and I were driving North of Dundee when I suddenly saw a cerulean blue light pointing at our car from the sky. After that I have a fragmented memory - we both have a fragmented memory - of some bizarre events. But there are a lot of gaps. Basically, we somehow lost about an hour's time.

I remember seeing a hairless, tall, man-like being in a blue robe. He was looking at us, inviting us aboard his craft telepathically. His costume struck me as absurd. He was the leader in a blue cape. The cape looked stupid, illogical. He was mentally luring us up to a spacecraft. Somehow the next thing was, we were on board a ship of some kind, being examined, quite painlessly, by another being wearing a yellow robe with ruffled collar, also somehow completely absurd, incongruous. Suddenly the examination process turned nasty. I felt my mind was being forcibly invaded. I had no control. My brain felt like there was a tunnel that goes through my mind to theirs. Our minds are connected. It could have been a tube or a tunnel of light, grey-brown. It was horrible, it pulled everything out of my head. There was a terrible sound, piercing, high-pitched. My thoughts had turned to goo but I could see them, visually. They had my mind but I still had it too. Then it seemed as though I was OK again but I felt completely different mentally. I can't explain this. But there's more to it than anyone knows. There's more to life, more to the world. There's more to everything than anybody knows. More dimensions, things co-existing. There are many more than three dimensions. Everywhere, it all works together. Everything co-exists. I still can't explain all these thoughts, where they came from, and so on.


United Kingdom [women]

My name is Hilda Owen, housewife. My husband is a policeman. On the evening of February 12, 1977, I was looking out of my kitchen window when I saw a cigar-shaped object with a domed top that appeared to be drifting silently in and out of the clouds. I drew it in lipstick on the windowpane. It was a very extraordinary sight and difficult to explain. The UFO seemed to appear out of a tongue of flame over Aberffraw Common. At first I thought an aircraft was on fire, but within seconds the flame appeared to form a circle and the domed shape appeared within it. There was no mistaking the shape. It was a craft of some kind, because I could clearly see portholes. It was the colour of the setting sun and about twice the size of the sun as we see it. The shape was still in the sky when my husband arrived home just after midnight but when he went to fetch his binoculars it just vanished.



United Kingdom [women]

I'm a college lecturer and as I don't wish to commit social suicide, I'll not give my name. It was late November last year and I had just got home from college. It was already dusk and as my mother prepared to draw the curtains, she drew my attention to something she could see in the darkening sky. I looked out through the window and saw this extraordinary craft just hanging there, low in the sky, motionless and completely silent. It was huge. I mean, it must have been about 100 feet long. It was cylindrically shaped, but rounded at the ends. There were portholes along its entire length, and I could see figures in silver suits moving about inside. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I wanted to cry out but couldn't. I mean, I literally could not speak or move. Neither of us could. It was just as if we were paralysed. We just stood there, watching this thing as it glided slowly across the sky. Then suddenly it was gone. It did not just move off at tremendous speed, I'm certain of that - it just vanished into thin air. And another strange thing was that we seemed to be watching it for only a few minutes or so, yet when I looked at my watch afterwards, I found that a whole hour had gone by.



USA [man]

My name is Terry Bliesiadecki. On Tuesday, July 28, 1998, at 8.30 pm, I was running my sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean, near Maryland Shoals just off Key West, Florida. Suddenly, I and my crew spotted ten orange circles in geometric positions. They stayed for five minutes, disappeared and returned in five minutes. Later, nine orange discs lit up the sky. Next, three orange rings in a triangle formation appeared and then disappeared. Words do not explain the whole situation, their size and how the sky was lighted up. It was awesome.


USA [women]

My name is Phyllis Atwater and I am a writer. On October 5, 1986, I was pursuaded to be taken to Pine Bush, about 60 miles Northwest of New York City, to look for UFOs. I was with two friends and a guide. One night, suddenly, on a small side road between farms we saw an astonishing occurrence. Globes of light were bubbling up from behind trees, then gliding sideways at tree-top height, then either continuing to rise higher or change direction and glide back. All the globes or light balls were large and seemed in no hurry. They would first appear as pure white when hovering above the tree tops, then they would cut loose and turn blood-red. Colors were pure. The lights were steady. After gaining height and moving closer to us, the globes would change color again, this time to green, which made them almost disappear in the black sky. I heard a highpitched whining sound as they got closer to us. When the light globes turned green, other flashing lights were visible all around them and the globes then appeared more triangular in shape. When we tried to move in closer to the lights we were warned off by a local farmer who said it would be dangerous. He said the lights were a regular occurrence in that location. In good conscience I can't say definitely whether they were or were not UFOs, but I know they were not any kind of aircraft I have ever seen before. I feel the matter deserves serious investigation which it has not received as of yet.


USA [man]

My name is Clarence Hale and I am 64 years old. I live in Childs, Arizona, on the East Verde River between Flagstaff and Phoenix. I have seen hundreds of UFOs. I first sighted one in 1947. I have seen so many I don't pay them attention anymore, unless it's something special. I don't even have to go outside to see them anymore. It's more a feeling I get, a really warm and kindly feeling. One example I can give you is this: on June 18, 1967, I was awakened by a strong sound similar to the background music of a science fiction television show. I thought someone was telling me to go downstairs. I did so, and looked outside. There, between my house and the next one, I saw a figure wearing a luminous suit. I went outside, and the sound started again. I received a message mentally that said "You have nothing to fear. I will not hurt you, and I know you will not harm me." I went closer to the figure and heard the sound again. Then I received another mental message, "Danger. I must leave." I then saw a light or glow in the sky and when I looked down, the stranger had vanished. I truly believe that aliens from outer space are trying to talk to the people on our planet. The strong feeling of love and compassion we get is their way of contacting us. They are trying to make the universe a better place to live - there's no reason to fear them.


USA [man]

My name is Fred Diamond and I am sheriff of Pasacagoula, Mississippi. On October 11th, 1973, two local men well-known to me, Charles Hickson, 45, and Calvin Parker, 19, staggered into my office at 6 pm in a distressed condition. They reported to me and Detective Tom Huntley that they had been fishing along the Pasagoula River when they sighted a strange silvery craft, about 100 feet long, which descended from above to within 30 feet of them, where it hovered while emitting a blue light. They stated that a hatch in the craft then opened and three gray-looking aliens floated out. The aliens appeared to Hickson and Parker to have wrinkled skin, claw-like hands, and a single slit for an eye. Parker said he then fainted but Hickson stated he was immobilized before being floated aboard the craft, where he was laid face up on a table. A huge electronic eye then examined him from head to toe at close range. The men stated that about twenty minutes later they suddenly found themselves outside the craft once again.

At first we did not believe this statement by Parker and Hickson, for obvious reasons. We continued to interrogate them to try to break down their unlikely story, but they insisted on what they had seen. The first thing they wanted to do was to take a lie-detector test. Charlie appeared badly-shaken. You don’t see a 45 year old man cry unless something terrible has happened. Also, I heard Calvin praying to himself when he thought nobody could hear. In order to investigate their claims further, Detective Huntley and I left Hickson and Parker alone after interrogation, with the tape recorder still running. The two men talked between themselves as follows:

Parker: “I’ve got to get home and get to bed or see a doctor or something.”

Hickson: “I’ve never seen nothin’ like it. I can’t believe it – you can’t make people believe it.”

Parker: “My arms just froze up and I couldn’t move. Just like I’d stepped on a goddamn rattlesnake.”

Hickson: “I know son, I know.”

Parker: “It’s hard to believe…. Oh God, it’s awful… I know there’s a God up there…"

The two men appeared to be ill and were taken to the local hospital. It was suspected they suffered from radiation poisoning. On examination they were found to be free of radiation and well enough to return to their jobs at the local shipyard. I reported the incident to Federal Authorities, for further investigation. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, Parker and Hickson are just two country boys, and neither of them has enough imagination to concoct such a tale, or enough guile to carry it off.


USA [man]

My name is John Healey. At the time of making this officially-transcribed statement I was a Detective with the Cleveland PoliceDepartment. I was also a US Army reservist training as a flight medic. The incident occurred when I was traveling on a helicopter with three other reservists, on the evening of October 18,1973, about 10.30 pm. We were halfway between Columbus and Cleveland, near Ashland, when the crew chief saw a red light on the horizon. He asked the pilot if there were any towers around there and was told there were not. As we went along at an altitude of about 3,000 feet, the light seemed to be growing brighter and brighter. It appeared to be on a collision course with us. It kept coming right at us. The pilot had to put our helicopter into a power dive to avoid it.

We were looking right through the windshield watching this thing, and it damn near came to a stop right over us. It just hovered for a while. We all got a very good look at it.

It had a steady red light on its prow. It was cigar-shaped. There were no wings on it. It made no noise, created no air turbulence. It had a green light shining down out of aft end. It shone down and on us, and you could see a definite cone shape, the shape of the green light beam. I've seen aircraft from PT-l9s up to C-5As so I know an aircraft when I see one at night. But this thing scared the living hell right out of me. We contacted Mansfield Airport and told them we were almost in a collision with an unidentified flying object operating at 3,000 feet and 600 knots. Mansfield never acknowledged our broadcast. We tried to get ahold of Cleveland Airport and we couldn't, until the object passed over us. It continued to the West, picked up speed, and we lost it over the horizon.

We never saw it again.

We talked about this sighting all the way back and we just couldn't dope it out. The thing didn't have wings but at 3,000 feet you have to have wings to stay aloft. It was a dirigible or a zeppelin because those things don't move at the speed this thing moved. Clandestine aircraft wouldn't operate at that speed at that low altitude. All four of us filed official reports.