Myahko Styelit Da Zhostko Spat'

Myahko styelit da zhostko spat'

You make a soft bed said the Russian grandmother and then sleeping on it, it is hard.

Where are you?

In a vertical line, we are 30 metres below London, in the abandoned Aldwych underground station.

Bush House and the BBC are up there.

Where are you?

In a horizontal line we are 734 yards from Holborn underground station.

You can walk it if you like.

Where are you now?

We are taking a vertical line through time.

If you listen carefully, we have just passed the Middle Ages.

This singing is Corsican - they say some of the harmonies pre-date Christianity.

Only hear animals now. We've arrived in Egypt at the time when the Gospels of the New Testament were being written.