Project 16


Project 16: Encounter with an Angel

B. Borden, Secretary, Stalinobad.

An encounter with one's angel and with other angels for many continues to be a unsolvable problem, and since the majority of people consider it to be unsolvable under any circumstances, the very thought of such a possibility seems insane and not subject to discussion. And this is entirely in vain. The facts and the testimony of numerous eye-witnesses attest precisely to the opposite. But in analysing these occurrences, few among these witnesses have paid any attention to the place, or more accurately speaking, the level of space where such encounters occur most often. The analysis of many of them indicates that the probability and most likely the actuality of such encounters occurs at a height of approximately l200-l400 meters above sea-level, in mountainous regions, correspondingly on mountains with these heights. Of course, many people have been on mountains of this size, and nothing happened to them. But there is one circumstance which is not always taken into consideration. An encounter with an angel or with angels is always an extreme incident, it always occurs at times of crises and at turning points in a person's life, and the person himself, in need of such help, summons the angel.

Our project for such an encounter artificially creates such a situation of a call for help. On a large empty space near a city or better in a remote agricultural region, tall ladders are erected running vertically upward which could reach the indicated height of 1200 meters. Today's materials (light alloys) allow the construction of necessary durability, and wires running downward every 50 meters allow the ladders to have anti-storm stability. The person, having decided on an ascent to the top of a ladder, must be prepared that it might take 2 days to realize his plan. But, being near the top, winding up high above the clouds, left alone to his own resources in windy and inclement weather conditions, he creates - it will arise - that crisis moment when an encounter with his angel will become inevitable.



1. Build a low platform in the shape of a frame (a black polished colour), and place a model of a landscape made of plaster on it (fields, forests, huts, the seashore, etc.).

2. Make a ladder out of light-coloured metal (115 cm high) consisting of three parts: the lower part (26 cm) resembles a tripod; the middle part is three-sided with a shift along the central axis; and the upper part which looks like a simple ladder.

3. Attach the figure of a human being make of plaster to the top of the ladder.

4. Lower the figure of an angel from the ceiling on a transparent thread made from plastic (fine fishing line). Colour it white and gold (its hair). The height of the angel above the ground is 133 cm.