Project 1


Project 1: How Can One Change Oneself?

 N. Solomatkin, Chauffeur, Kishinev

How can you make yourself better, kinder, more decent? More than one generation of moralist, thinkers and religious figures have racked their brains over this problem of how to rid oneself of the majority of your shortcomings, faults, in a work, how to change in a better, more moral direction. The majority sees the only possibility for change by the person himself, of his internal "I," others see it in strict adherence to moral laws, still others see it in the renunciation of earthly temptations and in following a religious path.

Each of these ways is correct, having set out on it you can achieve the desired goal. Not refuting any one of them our project foresees yet another possibility. It consists in the daily procedure which despite its seeming simplicity, can turn out to be extraordinarily effective.

You need to make two wings from white tulle fabric, using the same sketch that is appended to the project, and also leather straps for attaching these wings on your back and fixing them in place. After this, having stayed alone in your room (this condition is fairly important, for both the productivity of the impending activity, as well as for the avoiding undesirable reactions on the part of other people in the family) you should put on the wings, and sit completely without anything to do and in silence for 5-10 minutes, after which you should turn to your usual endeavours without leaving the room. After 2 hours you should repeat the initial pause again. After 2-3 weeks of daily procedures, the affect of the white wings will begin to manifest itself with greater are greater force.

The wings should be kept under lock and key in a special soft case in a mirrored closet.



1. Make two wings. First make two frames of wire and attach to them the wings made of white gauze. The frames should first be attached to two oval boards of plywood.

2. Make leather straps from belts which can attach to the shoulders, chest and waist. Attach the wings which have already been attached to the boards to the straps.

3. For the exposition, both the wings and the straps should hang freely on the wall on a nail, as though it were an ordinary harness in a horse stable.

4. The length of each wing is 140 cm, the width from the center support is 40 cm.