Party for Freedom: FAQs

What is Party for Freedom and how do I experience it?

Party for Freedom is a project for Artangel by the artist Oreet Ashery. Somewhere between a travelling cinema and theatre troupe, a kiss-a-gram and a takeaway delivery service, it can be experienced in two ways: by attending (or hosting) a self-organised 'Party for Hire' event, or by attending one or more of a series of themed 'People vs Freedom' events. See the links on the right for more on each.


Are any Party for Freedom events suitable for those who are under 18 years old?

No. Party for Freedom contains full nudity and sexual content, as well as some content that could be disturbing, so all Party for Freedom events and hires have an age limit of 18 or over.


How much nudity and sexual content is there?

There is full (male and female bodied) nudity throughout both the film and live performance, as well as sexual content.


What is Party for Hire?

Party for Freedom's Party for Hire is a travelling performance that you can arrange to invite to a venue (for example your home, office, university or coffee shop). 

Party for Freedom consists of a self-sufficient troupe of eight performers who will arrive by van at your venue at the arranged time. Once they arrive, they will install film projection, lights, sound and set in your venue and screen a film during a performance which will last approximately 90 minutes. They will then pack up their equipment and leave.


How much does Party for Hire cost?

Party for Hire is free of charge.


How can I hire the Party?

We will contact eligible applicants within five working days to confirm we have received your invitation and to ask you any questions that your invitation raises. If your party invitation is accepted we will confirm the date and arrangements with you via the phone or visit you in person to carry out a brief venue recce.


Can I invite the Party for Hire to my university/mum’s house/office?

Yes. We would like to receive a range of invitations from different venues, people and places within London.


What criteria do I need to meet to invite Party for Hire?

You must be in London. As the host you are responsible for arranging the venue, inviting the guests and booking the Party for Hire to attend at a time of your choice between 12 and 8pm.

We would like you to guarantee an audience of 10 people (we might make an exception for very small venues).

Your party guests must be aged 18 or over.

There must be a power source.

There must be no filming or photography during the performance.

Is there a restriction on where a Party for Hire can take place and the size of the space?

It must be in London, and ideally be able to accommodate at least 20 people (but we might make an exception for some smaller venues). The space will need to be darkened for the benefit of the projection.


What will I need to provide for a Party for Hire?

Party guests.
Seating for your guests.
At least two electric power points.
Food or drinks for your guests (optional).
Means to darken/black out the space.
Adequate bathroom facilities.


Does my Party for HIre event have to be private or public?

Your event can be either private or public. If you are holding a public event and would like us to help you promote it we are happy to help spread the word.


What time does Party for Hire start and how long is it?

You can decide what time it starts between 12-8pm and the performance will last approximately 90 minutes.

Can guests arrive part way through a Party for Hire event?

All guests should arrive before the Party for Freedom performers arrive.


What should I expect at a Party for Hire event?

Expect a range of content, some of which might be funny, some might feel uncomfortable to watch.

Expect nudity and some sexual content.

Expect to watch film, interact with performers, take part and listen. Expect music which includes classical and punk.

Expect some live music.

Expect flashing lights and some loud noise.


Will I be expected to participate at a Party for Hire event?

Yes, Party for Hire events are interactive and immersive


How do I go to a public Party for Hire event if I’ve not booked it myself and I don’t know the host?

Please keep checking the Artangel website for details and, where relevant, links to tickets.


What is People vs Freedom?

People vs Freedom is a series of four ticketed Party for Freedom public events. The events explore various themes of the work and take place at several London venues such as Millbank and the Swedenborg Society in Bloomsbury. For all listings please see this page.