Using Flickr Groups

How does it work?

  1. If you don’t have one already you need to create a Yahoo! and Flickr account, which you can do by clicking the relevant link at It shouldn’t take more than five minutes.
  2. You’ll need to turn your work into a jpeg image by photographing it digitally or scanning it into your computer. When you upload your image, Flickr will compress it automatically to a standard size, but you should still use your scanner/camera settings to keep the image size below around 6Mb.
  3. Log into your Flickr account and upload your work by clicking the ‘Upload Photos & Video’ link*.
  4.  Finally, you need to join the group itself and add your images to the 'pool'. The URL is
     Click the link saying 'Join this group', agree to the rules, then add your image/s by clicking 'Add photos or video'.

*Tag your images as you see fit, but if your drawing is from the TV programme, please indicate the relevant episode by making sure you include one consisting of the surname of the artist who presented it. So for Maggi Hambling the tag is simply “hambling”. The full list of presenters is John Berger, Judy Purbeck, Maggi Hambling, Gary Hume and Humphrey Ocean - so the tags are berger, purbeck, hambling, hume and ocean. If, however, your work is from a drop-in life class, please tag it simply 'dropin' plus something (ie 'soho' or 'londongraphiccentre') indicating where the class took place.

Image: Still from Life Class: Today’s Nude, by artist Alan Kane, with tutor Judy Purbeck (2009).