The Inventory

Before Michael Landy destroyed his possessions, he spent a year making a list of them.

The full inventory contained 7,227 entries, split into the following ten categories:

  1. A - Artworks
  2. C - Clothing
  3. E - Electrical
  4. F - Furniture
  5. K - Kitchen
  6. L - Leisure
  7. P - Perishables
  8. R - Reading
  9. S - Studio
  10. V - Vehicle

The full list was published as a 300-page softback (Break Down Inventory, Cornerhouse 2002).

Back of visitor as she reads printed inventory mounted on wall

Here are 530 of the items it contained:

Al: Abigail Lane - Bum Print, framed print of Judith Rees' bum circa 1993
A2: Michael Landy, red wheel from Costermonger Stall 1992-97
A3: Michael Landy, red wheel from Costermonger Stall 1992-97
A4: Tracey Emin, Be Faithful to Your Dreams, handkerchief from Momart 1999
A5: Jane Simpson - Miniature Rubber Table, black silicon rubber, circa 1998
A6: Abigail Lane/Paul Fryer - Complete Arthole, black and white roseate with pin 1999
A7: Tracey Emin - Be Faithful to Your Dreams, handkerchief from Momart 1999
A8: Damien Hirst - Paperweight, white spots in clear square of resin
A9: Michael Landy - bracket tor Costermonger wheel 1992-97
A10: Jane Simpson - Bambi orange silicon rubber moulded toy, circa 1998
A11: Anya Gallaccio - Mirror, small etched mirror with image of flower head 1997
A12: Michael Landy - Appropriation No 4, photograph in frame 1990
A13: Michael Landy - Appropriation No 1, photograph in frame 1990
A14: Michael Landy - 3 litter bin stickers with the text 'Ignorance' from Scrapheap Services 1995
A15: Michael Landy - Closing Down Sale, TDK audio cassette tape 1992
A16: Michael Landy - Appropriation No 2, 13.58 mins. Sony Betacam video 1990
A17: Michael Landy - Closing Down Sale, TDK audio cassette tape 1992
A18: Michael Landy - layout plans for Lifestyle neon sign in midnight blue 1998
A19: Michael Landy - plastic zip fastening wallet containing small Cone Drawings 1985-86
A20: Paul Noble - Doley Game, 'A game for three or more players of working age' 1995-96
A21: Michael Landy - I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, watercolour 1999
A22: Michael Landy - Decorating my Grandmother with her Silk Cut Cigarettes, drawing 1987
A23: Michael Landy - 31 Cone Drawings 1985-86
A24: Michael Landy - still life collage 1980-81
A25: Michaet Landy - technical drawing 1980-81
A26: Michael Landy - gouache painting with Irish football team list 1980-81
A27: Michael Landy - patterned pastel worm design drawing 1980-81
A28: Michael Landy - drawing on paper plate 1986-81
A29: Michael Landy - Costermonger Stall, wood cover 1992-97
A30: Michael Landy - Hindu inspired watercolour 1980-81
A31: Michael Landy - technical drawing of cardboard boxes 1980-81
A32: Michael Landy - charcoal fashion drawing 1980-81
A33: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A34: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A35: Michael Landy - life drawing of woman with no face 1980-81
A36: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A37: Michael Landy - chalk drawing1980-81
A38: Michael Landy - lino cut print of city view 1980-81
A39: Michaet Landy - graphic design 'stop start' painting 1980-81
A40: Michael Landy - yellow and red collapsing man design 1980-81
A41: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A42: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A43: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A44: Michael Landy - portraits of 4 people using various media 1980-81
A45: Michael Landy - pencil drawing 1980-81
A46: Michael Landy - cityscape etching on paper 1980-81
A47: Michael Landy - fruit tin foil collage 1980-81
A48: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A49: Michael Landy - window collage with ink bleach 1980-81
A50: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A51: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86:
A52: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A53: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A54: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A55: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A56: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A57: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
A58: Michael Landy - Cone Drawing 1985-86
C493: Hometown Boys country-and-western style hat with feather and ribbon
C494: Red beret with brown leather rim and tastles, present from Janine Ferris
C495: Worn straw Ska hat with brown ribbon with hole in it
C496: White woollen cossack hat padded lining and metal adjustable buckle
C497: Medium size white cotton short sleeve top
C498: Brown and white check nylon shirt, size 16" neck
C499: One red and one brown polyester skull cap hat
C500: Green tweed flat cap with popper fastener on peak and green silk lining, purchased in Loughborough, 1982
C501: Camouflaged army hat with wide brim and adjustable string, purchased on trip to White Water with Richard Flood
C502: White T-shirt from Scrapheap Services with faded black Jelly Tots sweet wrapper screenprint on front
C503: Medium size black cotton underpants
C504: Calvin Klein medium size black cotton underpants
C505: Alexandra red polyester baseball cap with adjustable red plastic fastener, as worn in Scrapheap Services
C506: Blue and white lined swimming trunks with drawstring once owned by Angus Fairhurst
C507: Plain blue baseball cap with adjustable plastic fastener, purchased while on holiday in Dalyan, Turkey
C508: Plain medium size white cotton T-shirt
C509: White cotton floppy cricket hat with zip-up pocket
C510: Medium size grey cotton underpants
C511: Blue swimming trunks with elasticated waist and drawstring, purchased at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland
C512: Paul Smith pair of worn checked cotton socks with holes in them, once owned by Ian Davenport
C513: Pair of red woollen socks with holes in toe and heel
C514: Marks&Spencer pair of green cotton socks, size 8-12
C515: Marks&Spencer pair of brown cotton rich socks, size 8-12
C516: Pair of large thick green and white flecked woollen socks with holes in toe and heel
C517: Marks&Spencer pair of blue cotton socks, size 8-12
C518: Marks&Spencer single sock with Santa Claus and reindeers sewn on side pouch for holding miniature musical box
C519: Pair of large green and white flecked woollen socks with holes on toe and heel
C520: Marks&Spencer pair of black medium size cotton socks with 'Dennis the Menace and Gnasher' printed on them
C521: Marks&Spencer pair of red, yellow and blue checked cotton socks, size 8-12
C522: Marks&Spencer pair of red, green and brown checked cotton socks, size 8-12
C523: Pair of knee length thick grey woollen socks C524: Marks&Spencer pair of grey cotton/Lycra mix socks, size 8-12
C525: Marks&Spencer pair of blue cotton rich socks, size 8-12
C526: Marks&Spencer pair of purple cotton socks, size 8-12
C527: Paul Smith single black cotton sock with purple, blue and green spots, once owned by Ian Davenport
C528: Marks&Spencer single worn pink cotton sock with blue stain on it, size 8-12
C529: Marks&Spencer pair of red cotton socks, size 8-12 C530: Virgin Atlantic Airways pair of pale blue travel socks
C531: Single left-handed black woollen glove C532: Single medium size stripy multi-coloured cotton sock
C533: Marks&Spencer pair of thick brown woollen socks, size 8-12
C534: Single plain grey woollen sock
C535: Nike single grey cotton sock with black text on side found after service wash at laundrette
C536: Marks&Spencer single dark green cotton sock, size 8-12
C537: Marks&Spencer pair of cotton-rich knee length black socks, size 8-12
C538: Marks&Spencer pair of dark blue cotton socks, size 8-12
C539: Marks&Spencer pair of dark blue cotton socks, size 8-12
C540: Marks&Spencer single black cotton/Lycra sock, size 8-12
C541: Marks&Spencer pair of dark purple socks, size 8-12
C542: Sainsbury's single blue cotton/polyester sock
C543: Marks&Spencer single purple woollen sock, size 8-12
C544: Sainsbury's single blue cotton/polyester sock
C545: Marks&Spencer pair of grey cotton ankle socks with black flecks, size 8-12
C546: Marks&Spencer single black cotton sock, size 8-12
C547: Marks&Spencer single dark blue cotton sock, size 8-12
C548: Marks&Spencer single grey cotton sock, size 8-12
C549: Marks&Spencer single dark blue cotton sock, size 8-12
C550: Single thick black woollen sock
E900: Sainsbury's two 100watt screw-in light bulbs in cardboard box
E901: Osram single 60watt screw-in spot light bulb and single 40watt screw-in blue spot light bulb
E902: Euro Electric 18mm tungsten halogen lamp bulb in cardboard box
E903: Clear plastic junction box for electrical cable
E904: Boots 150 Compact black and grey metal 35mm slide projector with manual focus, slide feeder and red three-pin plug
E9055: Metre length of white plastic 6mm three-core twin earth electrical flex
E9068: metre white, 6mm three-core twin earth electrical flex with MK 13amp fused three-pin plug
E907: Two lengths of 0.75mm round white three-core electrical flex with ASA and MK fused three-pin plugs attached
E908: 15 metre roll of electrical flex with white plastic three-pin plug attached
E909: 4 metre length of telephone cable with white plastic extension socket at one end
E910: White plastic perforated box for housing door bell and size-D battery with 10 metre length of speaker cable for door bell
E911: Gossen Bisix 2 black plastic photographic light meter in blue cardboard box
E912: Transparent blue Apple Macintosh mouse and cable with connector attached, once owned by Gillian Wearing
E913: Philips AZ 2415 portable digital CD/radio black plastic battery-powered remote control unit
E914: Polaroid Supercolour 600 black plastic instant camera with nylon carrying strap
E915: Virgin Atlantic Airways lightweight headphones with black foam earpieces
E916: Azan Islamic Temple battery-operated plastic clock with green plastic towers, 'wailing' prayer alarm call and broken on/off switch E917: Clear plastic junction box for electrical cable
E918: Two Boots AA size 1.5volt alkaline batteries
E919: Sony AA size 1.5volt alkaline battery
E920: Green canvas potato lamp shade with bayonet fixing, two-pin moulded plug and metal spike, present from Kiki Patsali
E921: Philips HD4575/A broken cream-coloured plastic toaster with burnt crumbs in catchment tray
E922: British Telecom Kingfisher 2 black plastic answer machine with two audio cassettes, one for incoming and one for outgoing calls E923: Prinzlight small black metal light meter with black leather case and nylon carrying strap
E924: British Telecom grey plastic battery-operated remote control interrogator for Kingfisher 2 answer machine
E925: Battery-operated American Bald Eagle plastic toy with flapping canvas wings and string mount for suspension off of ceiling
E926: Philips Philishave plastic rechargeable cordless shaver, purchased with Abigail and Esther Lane in Boots, Bristol
E927: Kenwood Cassette Receiver KRC-150L car stereo with missing detachable face off control panel from Volkswagen Golf CL
E928: Battery-operated plastic toy phone covered in black painted masking tape, prop from Hand Jobs
E929: Sunlight Systems synthetic grow light transformer in metal box with electrical flex and three-pin plug
E930: 18 metre spool of grey three-core earth electrical cable
E931: 1 metre length of white plastic electrical cable
E932: Door bell with black plastic body and white button
|E933: Clear plastic junction box for electrical cable
E934: Larn A4 portable light box in grey plastic housing with on/off switch, purchased at London Graphic Centre
E935: Internal V-shaped telescope television aerial from Sony KV16WT1 widescreen portable colour television
E936: Metal grill shelf covered in residual grease, from Philips Space cooker
E937: Brown metal splash guard, from Philips Space cooker
E938: Two chrome-finish oven shelves covered in residual grease, from Philips Space cooker
E939: Triton T1801 electric shower control unit housed in white plastic wall-mounted moulded body with two control dials
E940: White plastic shower nozzle with flexible metal hose and height adjustable bracket from Triton T1801 shower
E941: Two Philips 160watt screw-in grow lamp bulbs used for growing street flowers under artificial light, 7-9 Fashion Street
E942: Cast iron rings with fittings, from Philips Space cooker
E943: ASA white plastic three-pin two-way 13amp fused plug
E944: Large tinted clear plastic vegetable tray from AEG OKO-Santo fridge-freezer
E945: Five small white plastic fridge door shelves, one printed with OKO-Santo, one printed with AEG
E946: Single white plastic fridge door drinks shelf from AEG OKO-Santo fridge-freezer
E947: Small tinted plastic vegetable tray from AEG OKO-Santo fridge-freezer
E948: Two large security glass fridge shelves and two small glass shelves, from AEG OKO-Santo fridge-freezer
E949: Grey metal control fascia from Mersey Super Gas Fired water heater with cut-out section
E950: Pifco spool of assorted fuse wires 5, 15 and 30amp
E951: Nintendo Game Boy cartridge V Rally, played whilst convalescing with broken elbow
E952: B16 plastic fuse switch for main fuse box in Top Floor Unit, 7-9 Fashion Street
E953: Bakelite two fuse sockets for main fuse box at Top Floor Unit, 7-9 Fashion Street
E954: Ikea broken white plastic kettle with white electrical flex and moulded three-pin plug
E955: Moulinex 753 white plastic food processor with control dials
E956: Clear plastic food container from Moulinex 753 food processor
E957: Clear plastic miniature toy stereo radio that played four tunes, prop from Hand Jobs
F1248: Metal clothes hook with male part of door bolt
F1249: Brass mortise lock housing
F1250: Metal clothes hooks with two pre-drilled holes
F1251: Large silver-painted metal door bolt from front door at Top Floor Unit, 7-9 Fashion Street
F1252: Chubb brass mortise lock key
F1253: Single metal keyhole guard and one plastic keyhole guard
F1254: Screw-in silver-painted metal hook
F1255: Reflective 'no parking' sign with image of refuse cart with text underneath 'Access Needed for Refuse Collection'
F1256: Grey plastic holder for Wilkinson Sword razor
F1257: Nescafe glass jar containing window locks and keys for window frames at 6B Howden Street, Peckham
F1258: Chubb 5-lever mortise lock female housing
F1259: Short length of aluminium door edging with black nylon bristles
F1260: Two white 12" shelf brackets with pre-drilled holes
F1261: Black plastic castor from Corcho Calor gas heater
F1262: Crown large soft man-made fibre blanket with decorative print stored in black plastic bin-liner, purchased on Brick Lane
F1263: Large Mul-t-lock heavy duty metal padlock used for securing front door on Top Floor Unit ,7-9 Fashion Street
F1264: Circular red, yellow and blue plastic clothes hanging dryer with clips, purchased at Costcutter
F1265: Small broken resin stand for tropical fish ornament
F1266: Grey painted mortise lock metal housing with two pre-drilled holes
F1267: Rectangular antique wall mirror with bevelled edge mounted on wood, with metal chain for attachment to wall
F1268: Small black metal door bolt with six pre-drilled holes
F1269: White plastic leg with castor attached from self-assembly trolley
F1270: Grey rubber door stopper, purchased at Laurence Corner, government surplus store
F1271: Metal bracket for padlock with pre-drilled holes
F1272: White painted metal shelf bracket with four pre-drilled holes
F1273: Sainsbury's Microban white plastic toilet brush and holder
F1274: Aqualona white polyester shower curtain with plastic hooks on top and residual stains along bottom hem
F1275: Circular clear glass ashtray with Wills's Woodbines printed around side, once owned by John Landy
F1276: White painted metal shower curtain pole
F1277: Two plastic shower curtain pole brackets with pre-drilled holes
F1278: Two chrome bathroom towel hooks
F1279: Small dark blue cone-shaped glass flowervase
F1280: Small stainless steel bin with push-in lid, house-warming present from Charles 'Ginger' Asprey and Alison 'Hattie' Jacques
F1281: Large chrome plated steel candlestick holder
F1282: White plastic toilet seat with lid removed from lavatory in Top Floor Unit, 7-9 Fashion Street
F1283: Metal Silca door key
F1284: Small grey cotton covered zip-up cushion
F1285: White plastic circular hanging clothes dryer with clips
F1286: Chrome-finished cold tap removed from kitchen sink at Top Floor Unit, 7-9 Fashion Street
F1287: Chrome tubular steel fold-away chair with white plastic seat and broken back, once owned by Carl Freedman
F1288: Small piece of yellow speckled linoleum flooring from John and Ethel Landy's home, Seven Kings, Essex
F1289: Bunch of nuts and bolts for self-assembly of Dexion shelving
F1290: Small brown plastic teddy bear ornament
F1291: Souvenir candle with image of Saint Bridget printed on side, purchased at the Holy Shrine in Knock
F1292: Large white feather boa used as wall-hanging from Sam Taylor-Wood's party after the Turner Prize Award
F1293: Small plastic ornament of man driving donkey and cart with Guinness barrels in back
F1294: Small plastic ornament of Saint Peter and Jesus Christ, purchased at the Holy Shrine in Knock
F1295: Assorted wooden plastic and wire coathangers F1296: Assorted wooden plastic and wire coathangers
F1297: Collapsible B&Q red, yellow, green and blue plastic storage crate
F1298: Large wicker laundry basket with pair of handles painted turquoise by Abigail Lane
F1299: Ross 40mm brass padlock in packaging with keys
F1300: Dark blue plastic corrugated storage box with lid and two slots for handles
F1301: Shallow wicker turquoise sock basket with missing broken handle
F1302: Large wooden five-drawer plan chest covered in paint, purchased at Brighton School of Art with Tim Olden and Abigail Lane F1303: Four short turned pine coffee table legs with screw fixings
F1304: Top of varnished pine coffee table from MFI, once belonged to Leonie Lupton
F1305: Habitat worn two-seater sofa with torn grey and white stripy upholstery
K1538: White ceramic cereal bowl, purchased at Columbia Road shop
K1539: Habitat large blue and green ceramic salad bowl, once owned by Abigail Lane
K1540: Straight pint glass
K1541: Small plastic beaker with floral design
K1542: Duralex two small glass tumblers
K1543: Ikea chunky blue-tinted glass tumbler
K1544: Plastic flower-shaped orange dessert bowl used to collect rainwater from leaking roof, 7-9 Fashion Street
K1545: Large Titan Ware yellow ceramic tea cup, once owned by Abigail Lane
K1546: Two frosted plastic ice-cube moulds and shallow single grey mould that came with AEG OKO-Santo fridge-freezer
K1547: Thick ceramic coffee mug with black printed text 'Cup of Jo to Go', purchased in New York
K1548: Stainless steel jug with hinged lid
K1549: White cone-shaped ceramic egg cup
K1550: Plain white ceramic coffee mug
K1551: Espresso cup, stolen by Abigail Lane from Bar Italia
K1552: Small plain white ceramic mug
K1553: Ikea large perforated steel calendar with two brass handles
K1554: White ceramic mug with faded image of Michael Landy and Gillian Wearing on Pepsi Max Roller Coaster in Blackpool
K1555: Plain white ceramic coffee mug
K1556: Ribbed glass butter dish with lid, once owned by Abgail Lane
K1557: Two orange plastic flower-shaped dessert bowls used for collecting rain water from leaking roof, 7-9 Fashion Street
K1558: Two white cotton cloths
K1559: Large enamel white circular tea tray with printed roses, once owned by Abigail Lane
K1560: Titan Ware two yellow ceramic dinner plates
K1561: Habitat large blue cone-shaped mug with white glaze inside
K1562: Green tea saucer from Queens Cafe in Cork Street used as ashtray, present from Jake Chapman and Sam Taylor-Wood
K1563: Two white ceramic soup bowls
K1564: Two Habitat ceramic dinner plates with blue rims
K1565: Shallow tarnished metal baking tray
K1566: Jasmine ivory-coloured ceramic soup bowl
K1567: Large blue and white striped ceramic salad bowl, once owned by Abigail Lane
K1568: Non-stick Teflon-coated baking tray, once owned by Abigail Lane
K1569: Small white ceramic oven pot used for storing loose change
K1570: Habitat medium size blue metal saucepan with non-stick coating
K1571: Thick glass cone-shaped lemon squeeze
K1572: Plain white ceramic milk jug, once owned by Abigail Lane
K1573: Encrusted square metal basting tray
K1574: Circular non-stick cake baking tray
K1575: Square non-stick metal basting tray
K1576: Le Creuset small blue cast iron frying pan, once owned by Abigail Lane
K1577: Habitat large cone-shaped ceramic cup with blue rim
K1578: Tramontina perforated stainless steel lemon squeeze with saucer
K1579: Two Habitat factory seconds plates with blue and white check design
K1580: Le Creuset large green cast iron metal cooking pot with lid, once owned by Abigail Lane
K1581: Le Creuset medium size blue cast iron saucepan
K1582: Four large white bone china plates, purchased at Columbia Road shop
K1583: Large Oriental cooking wok with wooden handle, housewarming present from Helen van der Meij
K1584: Large wok lid with wooden knob and wire shelves
K1585: Wire semicircular hot shelf for portable B&Q barbecue
K1586: Bodum glass coffee pot with stainless steel plunge and black plastic handle
K1587: Metal flour sieve with white plastic handle
K1588: Stainless steel four-sided cheese grater with handle
K1589: Large metal tongs with wooden handle
K1590: Potato peeler with black and orange plastic handle, used by Gillian Wearing for chicken dinners
K1591: Large metal tongs with wooden handle
K1592: Metal seive with plastic carrot handle, purchased in New York
K1593: Ikea large size chopping knife with black wooden handle
K1594: Stained wooden spatula with pair of small size metal tongs
K1595: Large stainless steel frying-pan spatula with looped hook
L2002: Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Relax (Sex Mix), 12" single, 651 096, ZTT Records/Island Records
L2003: David Bowie, David Bowie, 33rpm LP album, D0A1, Decca Records
L2004: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Kiss in the Dreamhouse, 33rpm LP album, POLD 5064, Polydor (UK) Ltd
L2005: The Stranglers, No More Heroes, 33rpm LP album, ATAK 32, United Artists
L2006: Joyce Sims, Come Into My Life, 33rpm LP album, LONLP 47, London Records
L2007: David Bowie, Images, 33rpm LP album, DPA 3017/8, Decca Records
L2008: Talking Heads, More Songs About Buildings and Food, 33rpm LP album, K256531, Sire Records
L2009: David Bowie, Wild is the Wind, 12" single, BOW 10-T10, RCA L2010: David Bowie, Heroes, 33rpm LP album, NL 83857, RCA
L2011: Japan, Quiet Life, 33rpm LP album, AHAL 8011, Hansa
L2012: The Birthday Party, The Peel Sessions: The Birthday Party, 45rpm EP single, SFPS 020, Strange Fruit Records
L2013: The Cure, Pornography, 33rpm LP album, FIXD 7, Fiction
L2014: David Bowie, The Man Who Sold The World, 33rpm LP album, INTS 5237, RCA
L2015: David Bowie, Christiane F, 33rpm LP album, A.B.9201, RCA
L2016: Bauhaus, Telegram Sam, 12" single, AD 17T, 4AD Records
L2017: Small metal crucifix, present from Ethel Landy
L2018: Swiss army knife with broken red plastic moulding and missing pin, birthday present from Helen van der Meij
L2019: National Westminster Bank plc cheque book stubs L2020: National Westminster Bank plc cheque book stubs
L2021: Plastic green and yellow parrot-shaped harmonica L2022: National Westminster Bank plc cheque book stubs
L2023: Rizla metal cigarette roller with red plastic rolling bed, once owned by John Landy
L2024: Clear plastic moulded tropical fish broken off key ring
L2025: Colour photograph of Abigail Lane working in her space in Wooden Floor Studio at Millard Building, Goldsmiths' College
L2026: Plant seeds collected from wild flowers in Tilbury, Essex
L2027: Small metal crucifix, once owned by Ethel Landy
L2028: Two 1 pence coins
L2029: Two 'golliwog' paper tokens peeled from two jars of Robertson's Golden Shredless Orange Jelly Marmalade
L2030: Small broken 3D picture badge with rock-a-billy guitarist and dancing figures in background
L2031: Large red and white chcked nylon laundry bag with two handles and zip-fastener
L2032: Purple stuffed satin Martian with black eyes, won in '20 pence per play' claw game on Brighton pier with Gillian Wearing
L2033: Cat toy, large string-bound mouse with red felt ears and string tail
L2034: Cat toy, soft stuffed green bee suspended on black string from long plastic handle
L2035: Cat toy, small green plastic ball, Christmas present belonging to Rat-a-Kins
L2036: Cat toy, large flexible grey furry weasel L2037: Cat toy, string ball from The Independent newspaper's feature on Rat-a-Kins' Christmas tree made from wooden ladder
L2038: Cat toy, soft blue self-winding mouse on black plastic wheels with bell attached to tail
L2039: Cat toy, small brown cushion with cat nip inside L2040: Cat toy, stuffed pink mouse with bell attached to tail
L2041: Cat toy, purple and white plastic ball with bell inside, Christmas present belonging to Rat-a-Kins
L2042: Cat toy, stuffed red and white Santa Claus-shaped with bell inside, Christmas present belonging to Rat-a-Kins
L2043: Cat toy stripy black and grey stuffed furry mouse with pink ears and black string tail
L2044: Cat toy, small torn soft black furry mouse with exposed stuffing
L2045: Cat toy, large stuffed pink mouse
L2046: Cat toy, green plastic ball with long black furry string tail
L2047: Cat toy, small stuffed grey mouse with torn fur and missing eye
L2048: Cat toy, small stuffed grey mouse with white string tail
L2049: Cat toy, small white furry mouse with pink eyes and missing tail
L2050: Cat toy, small white furry mouse with pink eyes and white tail
L2051: Cat toy, satin-finished stuffed yellow mouse with bell attached to tail, Christmas present belonging to Rat-a-Kins
L2052: Cat toy, large tabby brown and black stuffed furry mouse
L2053: Cat toy, string ball with black feather
L2054: Cat toy, purple and yellow plastic ball
L2055: Cat toy, stuffed furry black and white striped mouse
L2056: Black plastic-handled cat tickle brush
L2057: Cat toy, black and white furry cat tail with white tip, used as prop for Rat-a-Kins in Hand Jobs video, 1999
L2058: Cat toy, grey plastic-handled stick with stuffed black and orange bumble bee suspended on black string
L2059: Cat toy, large stuffed stripy grey and black furry mouse
P2669: 50ml tin of Sainsbury's light tan wax shoe polish for cleaning pair of tan shoes, purchased at Natural Leather Shop
P2670: Super air clean filter to fit Miele S310i vacuum cleaner
P2671: Roll of white plastic swing-bin-liners
P2672: 200ml can of Sainsbury's high performance silver polish to clean cutlery in Peckham, purchased by Abigail Lane
P2673: Sainsbury's ten clear plastic ice cube bags
P2674: Ten disposable white plastic knives left over from winter barbecue party on roof, 7-9 Fashion Street
P2675: No Bite one hour mosquito repellent tablet
P2676: Three white wax candle sticks
P2677: Single square teabag
P2678: PG Tips single teabag on string
P2679: Two 400ml spray cans of Kings furniture polish used on trial run for finishing of No Frills sculpture
P2680: Box of Quest cotton buds used for removing residual adhesive around edge of text on No Frills sculpture
P2681: Pot of 200 Johnson's baby cotton buds used for finishing of prototype No Frills sculpture
P2682: Two plain blue plastic shopping bags
P2683: Eleven packets of Walkers mixed flavour crisps, purchased at Iceland supermarket, Commercial Road
P2684: 500g box of salmon, trout and pilchard Brekkies for cats
P2685: Iceland supermarket empty organic 'Thin and Crispy' pizza box, part of prop to fill Iceland shopping trolley, stolen from Barking Road
P2686: Two Iceland supermarket empty free range egg cartons for non GM and colour free eggs, part of prop to fill stolen shopping trolley
P2687: Empty Iceland supermarket box of skinless and boneless fish and chips, part of prop to fill stolen Iceland shopping trolley
P2688: Twelve packets of Skips prawn cocktail flavour crisps used to stuff coats for publicity photographs for Puerile '69, Iceland
P2689: Twelve packets of Walkers salted crisps, purchased by Gillian Wearing, Sarah Lucas and Angus Fairhurst from Iceland supermarket
P2690: Packet of salt and vinegar flavour Hula Hoops potato rings, purchased to stuff Iceland supermarket shopping bags
P2691: Jumbo packet of Walkers assorted crisps, part of prop to fill Iceland supermarket shopping trolley, stolen from Barking Road
P2692: Two packets of Golden Wonder ready salted crisps for stuffing Iceland shopping bags for photograph by Johnnie Shand Kydd
P2693: Eleven packets of mixed brand crisps, ready salted and prawn cocktail flavours used to stuff coats outside Iceland supermarket
P2694: Bundle of Iceland supermarket plastic shopping bags, prop for promotional photograph for Puerile '69 exhibition in Reykjavik
P2695: Box of 30 Boots cranberry juice pastilles
P2696: Pot of 30 Centum zinc tablets P2697: 100g box of 10 vitamin C plus sachets
P2698: Two Solpadeine soluble tablets in paper sachet used for relieving hangovers
P2699: Box of 20 Beecham's Powders sachets
P2700: 500g box of Flowers Starflower oil capsules
P2701: Box of Boots Winter Defence water soluble vitamin C drinks in sachets
P2702: Box of 90 Wassen Selenium-ACE tablets with vitamins A, C and E
P2703: Cord safety matches containing 'an average of 48 per box' P2704: Pot of 90 Boots Lecithin capsules
P2705: 50g sample packet of Felix cat crisps P2706: Pot of 60 Boots antioxidants pills
P2707: 1,000mg tube of 20 Haliborange effervescent orange flavour vitamin C soluble tablets
P2708: 1,000mg tube of 20 Boots effervescent lemon flavour soluble tablets
P2709: 1,000mg tube of 20 Haliborange effervescent orange flavour vitamin C soluble tablets
P2710: Pot of 12 Boots arnica pills
P2711: 200mg pot of Boots Devil's Claw pills
P2712: Pot of 80 Boots complex tablets
P2713: 100g tub of Whiskas'Tasty Topping' crunch cat food
P2714: Whiskas Christmas cat stocking including Kit Bits, Pockets, Crunch and Kit Bits Moist, 1999 Christmas present for Rat-a-Kins
P2715: Tub of 90 Sainsbury's folic acid tablets
P2716: Pot of Seven Seas cod liver oil capsules
P2717: 1,000mg tube of 20 Haliborange effervescent orange flavour vitamin C soluble tablets
P2718: 500mg tub of Redoxon chewable orange flavour vitamin C tablets
P2719: 50g packet of Good Girl 'Crunchie Cheese' cat treats
P2720: Box of 20 Berocca for 'Hectic Lifestyles' soluble tablets
P2721: 100g packet of Good Girl tuna cat treats
P2722: Pot of 100 Boots vitamin B6 tablets
P2723: Box of 30 Boots evening primrose oil pastilles
P2724: 500mg tub of Sanatogen 600 chewable multi-vitamin tablets
P2725: Box of 96 Pro Plus pills used as stimulant when studying Textiles at Loughborough College of Art and Design
P2726: Box of 50 Kira St John's Wort tablets
R4090: Warranty for Kenwood Cassette Receiver KRC-150C installed in Saab 900 Turbo 16s
R4091: The Independent, 11 October 1990, newspaper, article by Cathy Milton, 'Enterprising Artist cashes in'
R4092: Fax dated 18 April 2000 from OM Marks&Co., Solicitors about proposed increase in rent for 7-9 Fashion Street
R4093: Two A4 loose typed pages containing part of Michael Landy's Lifestyle budget proposal
R4094: Letter dated 2 April 2000 from Sarah Lockwood at First Sight requesting Michael Landy to give three-times cancelled slide talk R4095: Spitalfields Society leaflet picked up from Sandra Esqulant's pub 'The Golden Heart'
R4096: Fax from Strettons estate agents dated 28 February 2000 about property for sale in New Road
R4097: Three letters from Abigail Lane about fundraising auction of artworks From the Horses Mouth on 7 May 2000, Curtain Road
R4098: The Flower Show, invitation card, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 20 November 1999 – 15 January 2000
R4099: Selection of various business cards including Angela Westwater and Ben Weaver, some with handwritten notes on back
R4100: Business card from Jack Fattal R4101: Business card from Nazim&Co., Chartered Accountants
R4102: Handwritten name and telephone number of Dhiren Basu 01704 873902
R4103: Switch receipt dated 7 January 1997 from The Great Wall, chinese restaurant, Tooley Street
R4104: Handwritten telephone number on piece of paper next to name 'Crissij'
R4105: Handwritten telephone number scribbled on scrap of paper 0870 7320006
R4106: Dimplex radiator 'Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire'
R4107: Habitat compliments slip with handwritten note of Thomas Dane's fax number
R4108: Faded clear plastic zip-up wallet containing notes on and drawings of traffic cones while at Goldsmiths' College
R4109: Notes for coffee table design based on upside-down traffic cone and fluorescent sculpture replacing Washington Monument
R4110: Handwritten notes on used envelopes relating to Smartie Top Sculpture, collaged together with tape and coloured correction fluid
R4111: Handwritten notes for Toilet Roll Decoration, stored in bedroom cupboard in John and Ethel Landy's home, Essex
R4112: Handwritten notes, collaged-together envelopes, about patterns made from Mother's Pride, Marlboro and Coca-Cola packaging R4113: Handwritten notes on construction of Caterpillars Coming Out Party, collage of used envelopes and cut-out photographs
R4114: Notes on envelopes concerning Untitled 3 Pieces used for interviews for Fine Art course at Goldsmiths' College in 1984 and 1985
R4115: Collage of badly-written notes for Coca-Cola Decoration made on glued-together envelopes with correction fluid and Sellotape
R4116: Collected notes based on The Pattern Around Me, collage on used envelopes, coloured correction fluid and Sellotape
R4117: Notes relating to McDonald's Paper Bag Decoration, collage of handwritten notes and cut-out photographs on used envelopes R4118: Handwritten notes relating to Decorative Sculpture, collaged together on used envelopes received from DHSS
R4119: Collaged handwritten notes on Mother Rocket Taking Baby Rockets to The Moon, title based on song by The Stranglers
R4120: Brown home-made wrapping paper from Jackie Lee wishing 'Poppet' a Happy Christmas
R4121: Handwritten notes and design for Smartie Top Sculpture made on collaged used envelopes with coloured correction fluid
R4122: Collected notes on Mother's Pride Decoration, collaged together with plastic striped packaging from 'Medium sliced white bread'
R4123: Notes relating to construction of Spike sculpture made from rusty bird cage, length of black rubber hose pipe and metal swarf
R4124: Notes relating to sculpture based on repeating V-shaped pattern found on Marlboro cigarette boxes
R4125: A4 sheet of paper with handwritten lists of English footballers in different playing formations
R4126: Streetflowers, Richard Mabey, hardback book, Kestrel Books, ISBN: 0722651511
R4127: Sheet of paper with lists of footballers including Kevin Keegan whose Subbuteo model was flushed down toilet by Maureen Landy
R4128: Garden and Field Weeds, Roger Phillips, book, Elmtree, ISBN: 0241117550 R4129: The Observer's Book of Wild Flowers, Francis Rose, paperback, Frederick Warne Publications, ISBN: 072321642
R4130: The Independent, 21 December 1999, newspaper, article, 'Michael Landy installation artist, Happy Ratnus'
R4131: Lists of wild flowers on A4 paper including ragwort, shepherd's purse, groundsel, pineapple Weed, knapweed and coltsfoot
R4132: Ceal Floyer, text by Bernard Fibicher, exhibition catalogue, Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland, ISBN: 3857801239 R4133: Instruction leaflet for battery-operated Ikea smoke alarm
R4134: Ikea self-assembly Instructions for Poang moulded plywood armchair
R4135: Kenwood Cassette Receiver KRC-150C car stereo instruction manual
R4136: Love letter from Jackie Lee written in red crayon with text 'Dear Poppet, went to see a John Martyn concert...', 1982
R4137: Love letter from Jackie Lee written in coloured pen with text 'I miss you Poppet...', 1982
R4138: Handwritten love letter and envelope from Jackie Lee with text 'I was expecting you this weekend, but you didn't show up...', 1983 R4139: Machine sewn love letter on paper from Jackie Lee with text 'The Embroidery Course is driving me crazy.', 1983
R4140: Love letter from Jackie Lee on brown paper stored in bedroom cupboard at John and Ethel Landy's home, Essex, 1982
R4141: Handwritten love letter with envelope from Jackie Lee, first year Textiles student, Loughborough College of Art and Design, 1982
R4142: Handwritten love letter from Jackie Lee on green paper expressing how miserable the Textiles course was making her, 1982
R4143: Happy New Year card from Jackie Lee, addressed to Michael Landy when staying alone in empty house, Loughborough, 1983
R4144: Envelope containing handmade 1982 Christmas card made by Jackie Lee using potato print cut in shape of Christmas tree
R4145: Handwritten note of Jackie Lee's parents home address in Steels Lane, Oxshott, Surrey
R4146: Official Irish Joke Book, Positively the Last!, Peter Cagney, Futura Publication, ISBN: 0708816460
R4147: Daler black A5 sketch book crammed full with notes, collages and photographs on pattern making, February 1983 – October 1983
S6235: Square piece of white polyboard with cut-out corner S6236: Coiled up black and white test strip of Drunk film still photograph by Gillian Wearing
S6237: Seventeen black ink sketches on A4 paper of conveyor belt layouts with notes and dimensions
S6238: Six boxed rolls of Fuji Color Superia Reala 35mm film S6239: Screw in black and silver camera release cable
S6240: A4 black plastic presentation folder containing clear plastic wallets
S6241: Five white self-adhesive plastic stickers with text 'Disease', 'Idleness', 'Ignorance', 'Squalor' and 'Want', for 5 red plastic litter bins S6242: Five black and white bromides for litter bin stickers 'Disease', 'Idleness', 'Ignorance', 'Squalor' and 'Want'
S6243: Drawing on A4 fax paper of glass-sided static hydraulic waste compactor with household possessions being crushed inside S6244: Small piece of white polyboard
S6245: White painted wooden handle with papier-mâché elbow attached, part of Hand Jobs 'Michael Landy Broken Elbow' puppet
S6246: Bundle of ink drawings based on cast tin life-size figures in drunken poses and covered in graphics from Tennents Super Lager cans
S6247: C.K. 5" paint scraper with hardwood handle
S6248: Anodised metal greengrocer clip with sprung handles
S6249: Selection of countersunk Pozidriv screws, self-tapping woodscrews and assortment of mixed size round-head nails
S6250: Leather knee pad with adjustable straps and strip of thick white tape stuck on it
S6251: Paint roller head encrusted in white emulsion paint
S6252: Small Stanley Surform scraper with red moulded plastic handle and detachable steel grate
S6253: Draper heavy-duty wire brush with wooden handle and hanging hole, borrowed from John Landy
S6254: Box of blue plastic Plasplugs plasterboard wallplugs
S6255: Green metal silicone sealant gun
S6256: Ink drawing on A4 paper of bailiffs taking away household belongings
S6257: Thor white plastic-ended mallet with wooden handle
S6258: Small 2" paint scraper with wooden handle
S6259: B&Q small chrome vanadium steel slotted screwdriver with blue moulded plastic handle
S6260: B&Q small 'chubby' chrome vanadium steel slotted screwdriver with moulded orange plastic handle
S6261: Pair of small wire cutters with red plastic handles
S6262: Pair of small wire cutters with green moulded plastic handles
S6263: Slotted screwdriver with moulded red plastic handle
S6264: Large chrome vanadium steel slotted screwdriver with moulded blue polypropylene handle
S6265: Layout on A4 paper of milk crate partition walls installed for Michael Landy at Home at 7-9 Fashion Street
S6266: Small piece of black extruded rubber
S6267: Five clear nylon 12" cable ties
S6268: Countersunk Pozidriv screw size no.6, 1" and 2" round-head nail with 8mm staple
S6269: Shallow fruit and vegetable cardboard storage box
S6270: Scotch red plastic tape dispenser
S6271: Rubber-handled 4" paint scraper
S6272: Five sketches with notes on A4 paper about personal belongings being taken away in refuse cart to landfill site
S6273: Stanley Kite woodsaw with yellow plastic handle
S6274: Roll of fine chicken wire
S6275: Two pages of sequential drawings and notes on A4 paper about crushing and baling of Saab 900 Turbo16s
S6276: Bucketeer blue and black nylon tool holder, present from Anya Gallaccio
S6277: Two Harris paint rollers covered in clear lacquer, one without head
S6278: Four anodised metal greengrocer clips with sprung handles
S6279: Wooden-handled plaster float spreader with steel base
S6280: Large blue painted metal adjustable G-clamp
S6281: Black painted wooden handle attached to Frankenstein forehead and Tampon, Hand Jobs, 'Parkie Huge Forehead' puppet
S6282: Two Draper screwdrivers with worn slotted heads and ProsKit Phillips no.0 screwdriver with green plastic handle
S6283: Small black plastic-handled paint roller
S6284: Wickes wooden-handled paint scraper
S6285: Large worn rusty cold chisel borrowed from John Landy's garden shed
S6286: Blue moulded plastic-handled trimming knife with retractable blade
S6287: Stanley knife with blue moulded plastic handled
S6288: Black felt tip pen with white plastic top
S6289: 11mm socket from ratchet set
S6290: Wooden-handled bradle
S6291: Three large size brown plastic wallplugs on stalk
S6292: Blue plastic spatula and small home-made metal spreader for applying car body filler
S7221: 35mm mounted slide of wide angled overhead view of Market installed in Building One, 1990
S7222: 35mm mounted slide of exterior of Closing Down Sale at Karsten Schubert Ltd, Charlotte Street, 1992
S7223: 35mm mounted slide of Scrapheap Services installation at Soap Factory, Minneapolis as part of Brilliant!, 1995
S7224: 35mm mounted slide of Michael Landy at Home with Rat-a-Kins running across room, 7-9 Fashion Street
S7225: APS photograph of closing down sign with text 'Buy now before we close!' inside C&A, Marble Arch branch
S7226: 21/4" colour transparency of The Original Lifestyle, ink drawing of front room at Huberd House, 1997 V7227: Saab 900 Turbo16s, Cherry Red, 3 door hatchback with black leather upholstery, 105, 455 miles, registration E743CGJ, 1988


Image: A member of the public reads the complete inventory, as displayed in the former C&A store of Oxford Street during Break Down, 2001. Photograph: Parisa Taghizadeh