If you would like help setting up Red Lines on your device, you can register for an appointment with a member of our tech support team.



Tech Support

Please give your telephone number including international dialling code in the “Where” field and, if possible, a description of the issue you are encountering in the “Description” field.

Red Lines Tech Support will call you at your appointed time on the number you provide and can answer queries you might have about this work. You can also change and cancel your appointment.

A Google account is required to book an appointment. If you do not have one you can seek help instead by:

Please allow a few days for a response.

It is also worth checking @RedlinesStatus on Twitter for updates about any problems or downtime in the network which might be accountable for the issues you are experiencing.

Image: Artist Evan Roth helps people set up Red Lines on their phones. Photograph: Matthew Andrews