Three videos chart the maiden voyage of Kelley's homestead as it travels along Detroit's Michigan Avenue. Encountering characters from bikers and prostitutes, church officials and social workers, to heroin addicts and heads of local industry, the trilogy provides a portrait of the city.

  • Mike Kelley_Mobile Homestead_video still_sandm

    Going West on Michigan Avenue from Downtown Detroit to Westland (2010-2011) 76:15 min

    Posted: 10 October 2013

    The first video documents the journey of the replica back to the original homestead.

    Through interviews we meet residents from the wealthy area of Dearborn, the impoverished black neighbourhoods of Inkster and the white working-class outskirts of Wayne and Westland. Their personal stories and memories track the city with which the artist shares an ambivalent past.

  • Mike Kelley_Mobile Homestead_video still_Greenfield

    Going East on Michigan Avenue from Westland to Downtown Detroit (2010-2011) 76:17 min

    Posted: 10 October 2013

    In the second video the homestead returns to the city centre, reversing the so-called 'white flight' that occurred in the wake of the notorious riots of 1967.

    Interviews with local residents, as in the first video, are underscored by Kelley's characteristically dark humour and biting commentary, offering a bleak but revelatory take on life in the Midwest.

  • Mike Kelley_Mobile Homestead_christening

    Mobile Homestead Christening Ceremony and Launch, September 25, 2010 (2010-2011) 55:01 min

    Posted: 10 October 2013

    The final in the trilogy, this video documents the launch of the mobile section of the homestead, in which speeches and performances by local poets and musicians are captured with Kelley’s lifelong sense of sceptical realism.

  • Posted: 31 October 2013

    Video excerpts and images all © Estate of Mike Kelley. All rights reserved. Courtesy of the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts.