Mark Storor: a tender subject

16 - 31 March 2012

Photograph by Stephen King

The thought of the act of crying. The terror of, and need to, attach a smile to someone.

These are the quiet and tender moments imagined by men whose lives are not seen to be their own.

A culmination of three years' work with gay prisoners and prison officers, Mark Storor’s a tender subject was a twilight world where questions about who we are as human beings, and why we react and judge the way we do, were posed in a promenade performance that explored the relationship between fragility and brutality, tenderness and violence.

Audiences visiting a tender subject were transported from a central London location to a secret space where they were escorted by prison officers along a guided route, encountering performance and installations that told the stories and experiences of the project’s collaborators.

The men performing the roles of prisoners in the production worked with Artangel through a collaboration with Only Connect creative arts company.

a tender subject was generously supported by the City Bridge Trust, with thanks to the City of London.

Artangel is supported by Arts Council England, Special Angels and The Company of Angels.