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Mark Storor
a tender subject
March 2012

The thought of the act of crying. The terror of, and need to, attach a smile to someone.

These are the quiet and tender moments imagined by men whose lives are not seen to be their own.

A culmination of three years work with gay prisoners and prison officers, Mark Storor's a tender subject was a twilight world where questions about who we are as human beings, and why we react and judge the way we do, were posed in a promenade performance that explored the relationship between fragility and brutality, tenderness and violence.


Essay: Dr. R.M. Sánchez-Camus

A Critical Lens on a tender subject

a tender subject is the final presentation of a 3-year research programme completed in the UK prison system by artist Mark Storor together with Artangel Collaborative Projects producer Rachel Anderson. The workshops focused on identifying and working with gay male prisoners and female and male prison officers. This article offers the reader a method to critically analyse the work, taking into consideration all of the various factors that are incorporated into the piece but may not be immediately visible or apparent. The work instigated a strong emotional response in many viewers, leaving some perplexed about their own role in the experience and others questioning how the actions and images that they witnessed reflected that larger body of research.