Richard Wentworth: An Area of Outstanding Unnatural Beauty

September - November 2002
General Plumbing Supplies
66 York Way, London N1

Bottle between sticks

Sculptor and photographer, urban explorer, walker and talker, Richard Wentworth has lived in King's Cross for some 25 years.

Wentworth's work is an ongoing conversation with his native habitat, fuelled by daily walks down the Caledonian Road and expeditions into the hinterlands of King's Cross. In photographs, objects and lectures he charts the contours of the inner city, the ebb and flow of urban life, the things that change and the things that never do.

At a moment of huge upheaval in this 'area of outstanding unnatural beauty' Wentworth temporarily took over a vacated general plumbing store on York Way, overlooking the back of King's Cross Station.

Maps and games and words and plans ricocheted off each other in an open-ended project. A series of events fed into Wentworth's ongoing excavation of the area as it evolved through the autumn of 2002.

This project was supported by Arts Council England, Special Angels and The Company of Angels.

Funders and Collaborators
Bloomberg Time Out London