Helen Chadwick / David Wojnarowicz: Mundo Positive

January 1992

Helen Chadwick, Mundo Positive, 1994

Mundo Positive was a series of artworks by artists raising awareness about AIDS and HIV. Rather than using typical forms of communicating information through public health advertisements, Mundo Positive used unexpected visual images to heighten AIDS awareness. These specially commissioned full colour images were distributed by being inserted into major record releases and publications.

Helen Chadwick's contribution carried information about recent research on a connection between daisies and HIV. Work at Kew Gardens had shown some tropical plants contain chemicals which are able to prevent the production of HIV by infected cells. Microbiologists Eileen Leis and Steve Dealler at the Bradford Royal infirmary discovered that the common daisy, which is more easily available has leaves which also works against the virus. Schoolchildren in Bradford picked 30 bin liners of leaves so that the research could continue.

Another work, called Something from Sleep, was by David Wojnarowicz, an artist diagnosed with AIDS who challenged prejudice and indifference through his work and sadly passsed away in June 1992 of AIDS-related complications. In addition to the CD inserts, Artangel also sold limited edition prints of the artworks with all proceeds going to the Terence Higgins Trust, a British charity which campaigns on issues related to AIDS and HIV.

The CD inserts were part of a collaboration between Artangel and The Face.

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